Strategic Communication

Strategic Communication

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College of Arts and Sciences

The ability to communicate has never been more important. In an increasingly connected world, our new Communication Department has two programs that will give you the edge with skills that transcend all professions.

If you’re interested in the art of communicating, our strategic communication major will prepare you to be an expert in the field. Learning the theories behind public speaking, interpersonal communication, political rhetoric and public relations gives students a broad but detailed understanding of communication strategies. Communication graduates are valued members of businesses and nonprofit organizations in a wide array of careers such as communication consultants, marketing managers and public relations directors.

Learning Environment

Strategic Communication students will work on and off campus to practice communication strategies for campus clubs, organizations and groups, picking up valuable experience in roles that will set them apart as job candidates.

Both majors will share a core curriculum with essential communication courses.

Outside of the classroom
Internships are required in both majors, and nothing helps communication students lay the foundation for a successful career quite like being an intern.

Doane’s liberal arts education is predicated on real-world learning, and communication students have used their knowledge and experience from their time on campus to land internships with branding agencies, newspapers, nonprofits, radio stations and local politicians as interns. Our students have even interned at The Late Show with David Letterman and the Scripps Howard News Foundation in Washington D.C.!

We help students with local and national internships through our College to Career Center, where dedicated full-time career counselors mentor our students into outstanding young professionals with their own personal brand.