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Jess Eddmeiri

Year: senior

Hometown: Lincoln, Nebraska

Major: English with a specification in creative writing, mass communications

Specialties: grammar, sentence fluency/structure, MLA, Chicago, and AP Style

Activities & Hobbies: Theatre at Doane, Staff Writer for Doane Owl, Staff Writer for 1014 Magazine, Staff Writer for Doaneline

Tiger Tidbit: I have a dog.

Ambition: I would like to be an editor of a magazine.

Favorite Book: Harry Potter series

Vacation Spot: Greece

Classes I’ve taken that I can help with: Any English or Journalism course



Maddison Hughes

Year: senior

Hometown: DeLand, Florida

Major: history, with a double minor in English and Religious Studies

Specialties: sentence and essay structure, grammar

Activities & Hobbies: Doane Women's Golf, Chi Delta sorority, Greek Council, Collegiate Chorale

Tiger Tidbit: I'm a second generation Doane student.

Ambition: I want a career that I truly enjoy. I want to eventually become an historian and travel.

Favorite Book: Jane Eyre

Vacation Spot: Norway

Classes I’ve taken that I can help with: history courses



Cheyanne Jessen

Year: senior

Hometown: Tekamah, Nebraska

Major: English major with an emphasis in creative writing, double-minor in history and leadership

Specialties: MLA and Chicago styles, and grammar

Activities & Hobbies: In addition to working at the Writing Center, I also work at the library, and in the fall I was an Orientation Leader and teaching assistant to Dr. Katy Hanggi. I am also an editorial staff member of Xanadu, Doane's literary magazine, and Sigma Tau Delta, Doane's English Honor Society.

Tiger Tidbit: I have read the Twilight series more than five times and I have a Deathly Hallows tattoo.

Ambitions: I would like to like to work for a book publishing company (or be an English professor) and someday publish my own novel.

Favorite Book: all of the Harry Potter books but specifically Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Vacation Spot: London: it's always been my dream to go!

Classes I’ve taken that I can help with: LAR 101 Power of Stories and LAR 101 Journeys of Becoming, and basically any English or history classes.



Jasmin Sandoval

Year: senior

Hometown: Marysville, Washington

Major: biology and psychology

Specialties: APA, scientific papers, posters, literature search, brainstorming

Activities & Hobbies: biology research, Gamma Phi Iota, Psych/Soc Club, HMOC, SPB, Psychology 117 Tutor, Orientation Leader, and library work study

Tiger Tidbit: I can tell the sex of a crab and sharks.

Ambition: I want to work for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to change policies, track infectious diseases and maybe even work with infectious bacteria.

Favorite Book: The Secret Garden

Vacation Spot: On a boat adrift on the open ocean.

Classes I’ve taken that I can help with: BIO 110 and biology posters, psychology courses



Callie Jane Vickers

Year: senior

Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska

Major: biology with a minor in creative writing

Specialties: organizing, structure of essays, brainstorming, and empowerment

Activities & Hobbies: Omega Psi Theta Sorority and Historian, Student Programming Board Marketing Committee, Doane Theatre Program, and that’s about it for now.

Tiger Tidbit: If you yawn, I will yawn. Also, astronomy? How about skyience?  

Ambitions: To be a princess.

Favorite Book: Let’s Explore Owls with Diabetes by David Sedaris

Vacation Spot: anywhere in the mountains

Classes I’ve taken that I can help with: gimme gimme your science


Kaelan Brooks

Year: junior

Hometown: Hickman, Nebraska

Major: English with an emphasis in creative writing with a minor in theatre

Specialties: poetry, MLA

Activities & Hobbies: Alpha Pi Epsilon, The Guild, Bad Movie Club, Doane Harry Potter Club, International Foods Club, Xanadu

Tiger Tidbit: I enjoy looking up word etymologies

Ambition: I’m honestly interested in doing something in writing.

Favorite Book: To Kill a Mockingbird (RIP Harper Lee)

Vacation Spot: Somewhere rainy, cold, and gray. So probably England.

Classes I’ve taken that I can help with: ENG-238, ENG-231



Kellen Korinek

Year: junior

Hometown: Cairo, Nebraska

Major: English education with an ESL endorsement

Specialties: grammar, creative writing, word choice, poetry, fluency  

Activities & Hobbies: I love reading and writing. I love all kinds of music, but indie music is my favorite. I am a member of Delta Kappa Pi fraternity. I am am a member of Greek Council. I was an Orientation Leader. I am member of Active Minds. I am on the Editorial Staff of the Xanadu literary magazine.

Tiger Tidbit: I’m a third generation Doane Student, and I have only ever been to one concert. I also once convinced a kindergartener that I was Superman.

Ambition: I want to teach high school English. More than likely be a professor. I want to get a book published someday.

Favorite Book: Ernest Hemingway’s A Farewell to Arms

Vacation Spot: Disney World... I’ve only ever been once

Classes I’ve taken that I can help with: LAR 101 Power of Stories, education classes



Nick Larkin

Year: junior

Hometown: Lawrence, Kansas

Major: I am majoring in English and business (or accounting)

Specialties: MLA, grammar, sentence and paragraph structure

Activities: Doane Soccer

Tiger Tidbit: I have a twin on campus

Ambitions: either go to law school or be an accountant

Favorite Book: Game of Thrones series

Vacation Spot: Kiawah Island, South Carolina

Classes I’ve taken that I can help you with: Katy Hanggi's LAR classes, Brad Johnson English courses, and writing courses



Natalie Salinas

Year: junior

Hometown: Fremont, Nebraska

Major: physical education with an emphasis in exercise science and a minor in biology and psychology

Specialties: MLA, APA, brainstorming, researching, grammar

Activities & Hobbies: Cross Country, Track & Field, HMOC, Newman Club, IDEA, Doane Sports Medicine, St. Monica Bible Study

Tiger Tidbit: I love Kit Kats.

Ambition: I am wanting to be a sports physical therapist or work in the sports medicine area for the Olympic team.

Favorite Book: Lord of The Rings

Vacation Spot: Barcelona

Classes I’ve taken that I can help with: any physical education or sociology classes


Matt Villarreal

Year: junior

Hometown: Greeley, Colorado

Major: religious studies

Specialties: MLA, style/syntax, clarity, rhetorical analysis, religion-related writing, literary analysis

Activities & Hobbies: reading, writing, running, cross country, track, researching (philosophy, science, psychology, religion, and spirituality), singing, choir, Bad Movies Club, 1014 magazine, IDEA, church

Tiger Tidbit: I consider myself deeply spiritual, finding beauty and meaning in nature, ideas in world religions, other people, arts and culture, philosophy, antiquity, and travel.

Ambitions: I want to go to seminary or divinity school and become a preacher.

Favorite Books: Silent Spring by Rachel Carson, the Upanishads, Living Buddha, Living Christ by Thich Nhat Hanh, the Tao te Ching, The Analects by Confucius, the Bible, the Qur’an, UFO Kids by Alan Zullo, Hamlet by William Shakespeare, and Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsch

Vacation Spot: Boston, Massachusetts

Classes I’ve taken that I can help with: Dan Clanton courses, comparative religions, comparative philosophy, introduction to Old Testament, introduction to New Testament, the problem of evil, democracy and diversity, Islam, interpersonal communication, small group communication, gender communication, public speaking



Emily Yokel

Year: junior

Hometown: Friend, Nebraska

Major: strategic communications, English minor

Specialties: sentence fluency, grammar, MLA, Chicago, APA, argumentative essays, personal essays, graduate school applications

Activities & Hobbies: I am the head editor of Xanadu, Doane's literary magazine, and am a writer for the 1014 magazine. Also, I am a volunteer for Tabitha Care Center and enjoy spending time with children.

Tiger Tidbit: When I workout or am in desperate need of motivation, I listen to Kendrick Lamar which is very unexpected considering my sweet disposition and my regular music choices.

Ambitions: As far as future aspirations, I have learned over time that things may turn out very differently than planned. However, I am extremely passionate about nonprofit organizations and would love to perform their public relation duties.

Favorite Books: I enjoy historical novels, particularly the ones that discuss the Kennedy family. In addition, I read personal essays that discuss topics not often talked about. These matters consist of eating disorders, LGBTQ issues, and gender equality.

Vacation Spot: I have been to London and would love to go back!

Classes I’ve taken that I can help with: LAR 101 Heroes with Dan Clanton



Foster Collins

Year: sophomore

Hometown: Lincoln, Nebraska

Major: environmental science, emphasis in biology

Specialties: MLA, APA, poetic writing, resumes

Activities & Hobbies: I play alto saxophone in Concert Band, play mandolin in my room, and sing in Doane Choir. I also compete in poetry slams, bike avidly, and am a member of Alpha Pi Epsilon.

Tiger Tidbit: I work event staff at Pinnacle Bank Arena and get paid to go to concerts.

Ambitions: I’d love to work in the National Parks Service one day, but for now I’m just trying to get my degree.

Favorite Books: The Martian by Andy Weir, Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin, Hero by Perry Moore, and anything with a gay main character

Vacation Spot: anywhere with lots of nature and not a lot of people

Classes I’ve taken that I can help with: LAR 101 with J.L. Vertin, ENG 101


Tayma Sebek

Year: sophomore

Hometown: Hampton, Nebraska

Major: elementary education with a leadership minor and an early childhood endorsement

Specialties: grammar, sentence fluency/structure, MLA format

Activities & Hobbies: On campus, I am involved in the Hansen Leadership Program, Theatre, Chi Delta Sorority, and I enjoy jammin’ at concerts, bingin’ multiple Netflix series at one time, and reading novels.

Tiger Tidbit: I have heterochromia, meaning one of my eyes has different colors! My eyes are primarily green, but I have a large brown section in my right eye!

Ambition: To educate little minds.

Favorite Book: anything by Paulo Coehlo

Vacation Spot: Australia


Triston Wilson

Year: sophomore

Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska

Major: biochemistry

Specialties: structure, grammar, and fluency

Activities & Hobbies: Sigma Phi Theta, Honors Program, Doane Success Program

Tiger Tidbit: Clowns really creep me out.

Ambitions: medical researcher or pediatrician

Favorite Books: War on Science by Lawrence Otto

Vacation Spot: Sicily, Italy

Classes I’ve taken I can help with: BIO 110 and 111, gen. chem., Intro. to Honors



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