Serve Your Community

Serve Your Community

Our mission is to promote and provide community service opportunities in Saline County and other communities which encourage social responsiblity, community involvement, thoughtful action and civic engagement. By participating in community service, attending service-learning classes or discussing social and political issues, Doane students learn and act on behalf of their communities.

Students, Faculty and Staff:

Nonprofit Organizations:

Community Partners 

We can help your organization grow by connecting you to thousands of motivated students. Start by filling out our Volunteer Request Form which will ask you for information such as time/date, contact information, volunteer responsiblities and nonprofit statues. Within two days of submission, we will have your event posted on our online database. In addition, we host a volunteer connection event once a month that provides your nonprofit a chance to set up a table and promote volunteer or fundraising opportunities to students. 


Tracking Volunteer Hours

If you or your organization need volunteer hours, if you are interested in becoming more involved in the community, or if you just enjoy volunteering for non-profit organizations, Doane can connect you to volunteer opportunities and help you track your service. Start by scheduling a meeting with Andrew Brown in the College 2 Career Center at Doane who will connect you to our volunteer database. 


Doane Serves 

Is a student organization that is commited to connecting Doane students to the doane community, state and nation through community service. The group meets weekly on Tuesdays at 7pm in the Hansen Hall Classroom at Doane University




Community Service Contact Information
Andrew Brown
Assistant Director of Hansen Leadership Program
Coordinator of Community Service
Phone: 402.826.8106