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Seed Stratification & Growth

Seed Stratification & Growth

Transferring Plates to Growth Chamber

  • Notebook
  • Mechanisms

---- Square petri dishes
---- Small round petri dishes
---- Rubberbands

6) Moving Plates from Refrigerator to Growth Chamber

6.1)  Remove agar plates containing planted seeds from refrigerator after stratification period.
6.2) Record all plate numbers removed from refrigerator in log book
6.3) To prepare plates for entry into the growth chamber, place in mechanisms.
6.4) Mechanisms are constructed by placing one half of a square Petri dish face down on counter then placing planted agar plate on top. Next, place half of a small round Petri dish on top of the plated agar plate, then place another planted agar dish on top, another small round Petri dish, and a third planted agar plate. Finally, place the other half of the square Petri dish face up on top of the third planted agar plate. Note: Make sure all labels and seed lines are aligned. Secure mechanism with two rubber bands also in line with labels and seeds.
6.5) Record plate numbers in growth chamber log book.
6.6) Place mechanisms in growth chamber following designated organization pattern. Let grow for designated time period.