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Science Versus Studies

Science Versus Studies

While they may sound similar, Doane’s Environmental Science and Studies degrees are very different. We use different approaches in curriculum, and student pathways to empower students to using their talents and strengths toward addressing important environmental topics. 

Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies provides a broadly integrated understanding of the business, economic, social, and political facets of ecological challenges. Students enrolled in the Environmental Studies major can select a second major, or have a minor. 

Environmental Science

Environmental Science addresses environmental challenges by applying scientific knowledge in earth and environmental science, agriculture, and natural resources. 

For comparison, consider a chemical spill resulting from equipment failure. 

An Environmental Studies major would ask questions regarding:

  • Any policies, laws, and regulations that were or were not followed
  • Educating the community on the spill and its potential impact on the environment
  • How can we ensure this does not happen again 

An Environmental Science major would consider: 

  • Where the spill would go, and its impact upon biological, chemical and physical environmental systems 
  • What is the risk to habitats, humans, and animals 
  • What is the long-term effect of this chemical spill