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Rocky Mountain Alumni Scholarship

Rocky Mountain Alumni Scholarship

Sponsored by the Doane University Rocky Mountain Alumni Chapter.

Section 1: Personal Information

Student Information

Section 2: Academic Information

Section 3: Extracurricular/Volunteer Service

School and/or Non-School Related

SECTION 4: Essay Question

Please respond to one of the following questions.

  1. Look back at people, events or opportunities that have helped you become a successful high school senior. With that in mind, please respond to the following question: "There I was, here I am, where do I go from here?"
  2. Invite five guests to dinner (past or present). Who are they? Why did you invite them? What are you going to discuss?
  3. Look back at all that has transpired over the past 365 days. If you had the opportunity to address your class at graduation (some of you will undoubtedly have that chance), what would you share as your greatest accomplishment from this past year? Where do you feel you have you personally come up short and what would you have done differently? Finally, what advice would you give to your class on how to best use this experience as a stepping stone to success in college and beyond?


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