Student and Faculty Research

Students can expand their horizons through research, whether in a lab, the research spot of your choice or Doane's 50-acre Aldrich Prairie Research Site.  Senior research projects also provide experience before employment or grad school.

Summer Research Programs

Stipends are provided for students to work with faculty to conduct scholarly or creative research—from studying waterways to writing an original play.

Titlesort descending Department Description
Glucagon and Cortisol Hormonal Response Pathways Biology

Collection and analysis of glucagon and cortisol hormonal response pathways in rats and the mathematical modeling of the relationship of these hormonal path

Impacts of Biochar Biology

Impacts of biochar on the invasion and success of Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana) into grasslands.

Introducing Native Aquatic Plants into an Aquatic Ecosystem Environmental Science

Introducing Native Aquatic Plants into an Aquatic Ecosystem.


MicroDETECHIP, a Nanoscale Array Sensor for Small Molecules Chemistry

MicroDETECHIP, an nanoscale array sensor for small molecules.

MicroDETECHIP, a Novel Molecular Sensing Assay on the Microscale Chemistry

MicroDETECHIP, a novel molecular sensing assay on the microscale.

MindExpo All

MindExpo is a college-wide event open to all current undergraduate students at Doane University.

N-cadherin Expression in Breast Cancer Cells Biology

N-cadherin expression in breast cancer cells treated with the methylation inhibitor 5'-azacytidine.

Novel Detection Arrays for Steroid Determination Chemistry

Novel Detection Arrays for Steroid Determination.


Phytomorph Research Biology

This lab completed collecting over 14,000 individual responses of root tips to gravity stimulus from a set of Arabidopsis recombinant inbred lines,

Political Simulation of Authoritarianism and Opposition Political Science

Designing and Developing a Political Simulation of Authoritarianism and Opposition

Producing a Metabolic Fingerprint for Arabidopsis thaliana Parental Lines Biology

Producing a metabolic fingerprint for Arabidopsis thaliana parental lines using proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.

Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilm with Glucose Substrate Physics / Biology

Individual-based Modeling of a Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilm with Glucose Substrate.

Serious Wind Band Literature Music

Dr. Gilbert's doctoral research involved the identification of artistically significant wind band repertoire.

Setup and Validation of a Local Cluster Information Science & Technology

Setup and validation of a local cluster for distributed computing applications.

Testing the Effect of Household Chemicals Biology

Testing the effect of household chemicals on vertebrate decomposition.


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