Protocol for Making Planting Tool


                  2 Parafilm strips

                  1 small pipette tip

                  1 straw

                  1 piece of wire

1.     Place the straw and the pipette tip together by inserting the straw into the open end of the tip.

2.     Wrap one piece of Parafilm around the joint where the pipette tip and straw are attached.

3.     Wrap a second piece of Parafilm around the end of the pipette tip about three times, leaving extra Parafilm for the final step.  

4.     Place a piece of wire on top of the previously wrapped parafilm, and twist the wire around the tip once or twice to secure it in place, leaving about half an inch extended at the tip. Finish by wrapping the Parafilm around the pipette tip and wire combination. The planting tool is now ready for use.

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