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Presentation Guidelines

Presentation Guidelines

Presentation Guidelines

The Experiential Opportunities Committee asks that all students making a presentation at the MindExpo symposium attend the entire event, if at all possible. This will be an opportunity to support and encourage all students doing interesting, creative work. Specific guidelines for each session are given below.


Each oral presentation is allotted 12 minutes, plus three minutes for questions. You may use slides. Oral presentations will be held on Zoom. Links and times will be posted on the Symposium Schedule page prior to the event.


You may design the poster in anyway that you want, but it should at least include a title and your name somewhere at the top. Poster presentations will be recorded ahead of time and posted online. Presenters should upload a PDF file and recording of their presentation using the MindExpo Poster Portal, no later than 5pm on Tuesday, April 13. Please see the email to MindExpo poster presenters dated March 26, 2021 for more deatils.

One way to construct a poster is to use PowerPoint. We have created a template file that has the page dimensioned appropriately and some text areas with good font sizes suggested. Download the PowerPoint file here:

Powerpoint Poster File

You can view an example of a poster that was presented at MindExpo 2018 here:

MindExpo Poster Example (posted with permission of the authors)

Contacting The Experiential Opportunities Committee

If you have a question or see a problem with implementing the above requirements please contact Ms. Cali Biaggi: