• Course ID: BIOL 355
  • Subject: Biological Sciences

This is a detailed course in human anatomy and histology of major body systems. With the successful completion of this course, students will be able to identify the major organs, structures, and the major functions of each body system. They will understand how form leads to function and be able to and be able to predict the function of a structure or organ based on its histology and organization. Students will engage in learning these structures and their relationships to each other through anatomical models, histological preparations, and study of human cadavers. Through this investigation, students will be able to predict which organs or body systems are affected with disease or injury. Students will work collaboratively to learn the organization of the human body and will gain an appreciation of the intricacy and detail of the human body.

Note For successful completion of this course, it is recommended that students are familiar with BIOL 125: Biology I, BIOL 126: Biology II or their equivalents.

Courses Include

  • illustration of a person talking. Lectures
  • illustration of a beaker. Labs

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