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About Us

About Us

 In 1916, the size of Doane's student body had increased to the point where it was felt that a 3rd sorority was needed.  To satisfy this need, a new sorority, called Omega Psi Theta, was formed.  Founded in 1916, Omega Psi Theta encourages individual involvement and personal growth of all its members, as well as service to the college and community.  Loyalty, friendship, trust, and respect among the sisters of Omega Psi Theta are nurtured through service events, work projects, and social activities.  Unfortunately, the sorority was forced to disband due to low numbers in 1929, but the group was reactivated in 1949.  

Omega Psi Theta places special importance on scholarship, community service, and individuality.  Academics are held in high regard, with a minimum GPA requirement and group study hours held on a bi-weekly basis.  Community service is also extremely important to the group; in the past years, Omega Psi Theta has participated in service projects including Huskers Helping the Homeless, the Chiari Walk, Crocheting for a Cause, the Alzheimer's Walk, and more.

Omegas at service walks this fall: 



Omega Psi Theta CC WalkOmega Psi Theta CC Walk GroupShot

Omega Psi Theta stands out from other sororities in its emphasis on individuality along with unity.  Although our group is close-knit, the girls in it are involved in a wide variety of activities, including almost all major organizations and activities on Doane campus.

*Our colors are blue and gold.
*Our symbol is the wheel, which stands for the continuity of friendship and sisterhood, yet also expresses our individuality and our mutual respect for one another.
*Our flower is the sweet pea, which embodies the beauty of each Omega sister, the beauty of the joined sisterhood, and special hopes, wishes, and dreams.
*Our mascot is the flamingo. which stands for the social atmosphere of our sisterhood.  The kind of communication that flamingos share in their flocks represents the communication that keeps our sorority unified.

*Qualification for membership is a 2.0 GPA, in addition to a mutual acceptance between eligible women and active members of the sorority.

Our Purpose

To help OMEGA PSI THETA: By assessing our own dignity, integrity and stature, not in an effort to be better than each other, but to be better than our former selves; and with this examination, to grow by caring about others and especially our sisters, to unite more firmly in the bonds of friendship.  To work for general improvement and to function as a constructive body within the social and academic realms of the college community.



Fun Facts

  • The ladies of Omega Psi Theta (OPT) bought a goat for a woman in Africa.
  • Aside from their community activities, the ladies of OPT also have a 2 mile stretch of highway they clean up twice a year.

Omega Psi Theta Community Cleanup


  • The Omega's put on different functions throughout the year, as well as participating in gatherings with other fraternities and sororities.

             Some of these functions include:

                     ~Informal Function  ("Cops and Robbers" was this year's theme)

                     ~Sweet Pea Ball

                     ~Get Your Sister a Mister


Omega Psi Theta Group Photo

Get Your Sister a Mister:


Omega Psi Theta  Flamingo Group Photo


Omega Psi Theta Homecoming



Omega Psi Theta Formal


Christmas Party:

Omega Psi Theta Christmas Party