West Holt Wins Doane ROBOlympics Competition

High-school students competed in November at Doane to test their robot building skills for the ROBOlympics, hosted by the Information Science and Technology (IST) department. Eight high-school teams participated in this year's competition.

The event is hosted every year as an effort to spark educational interest in science, engineering and math.

Each year there is a new challenge for the robots to complete. This year's theme was Black Friday, where students had to race their robots to reach a dot on a four-by-eight foot arena, which represented the only action figure in a store on Black Friday.

Students were given three hours to build their robots before competing in the tournament to race for the action figure.

Doane faculty and students were available to help the teams during the building process, and were also judges during the competition.

West Holt received first place by reaching the action figure the quickest out of eight teams in the tournament. Arcadia Team 2 won second place, and there was a tie for third place between Lincoln North Star and Nebraska City Team 1.

Honorable mentions were awarded to Elmwood-Murdock, Nebraska City Team 2, and Newman Grove.


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