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Doane College has welcomed a variety of instructors to their faculty this year. The new professors come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, but all bring unique characteristics to add to Doane's community of faculty. Kristen Hetrick, Ramesh Laungani, Scott Tichenor and Kristopher Williams are making their appearance as full-time professors this year.


Kristen M. Hetrick

Kristen Hetrick is used to traveling and it's something she enjoys. She has been a professor in Ohio, Pennsylvania and even in Germany. Now, Hetrick joins Doane College's faculty as the new German instructor.

She received her Bachelor's degree in German at Washington and Jefferson College in '01 with a mathematics minor. Since then, she earned her Master's degree in German studies from the University of Cincinnati in '03, and is a Ph.D. candidate, ABD, in German Language and Literature from Ohio State University.

Hetrick's dissertation looks at the medical and social history of tuberculosis and cancer and their representations in literature of North America and the German-speaking world. She said she was also interested in pursuing research on other diseases in the vein, such as HIV/AIDS.

Besides traveling and teaching, Hetrick spends her free time doing yoga and cooking.


Ramesh Laungani

New Doane College professor Ramesh Laungani has a table in his living room that most professors don't-a set of turntables. Aside from his job as associate professor of biology at Doane, Laungani enjoys being a D.J. in his free time.

While most new professors are getting adjusted to Doane, Laungani is no stranger to the campus-he was an adjunct for the college in the 2010-2011 school year.

He received his Bachelor's degree in biology from New York University in '02 and his earned his doctorate in plant ecology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in '10.

He said his training in ecosystem ecology allowed him to link contemporary conservation issues, such as local species invasions into grassland ecosystems, to larger scale phenomena that are less tangible like climate change, bioenergy and carbon sequestration.

Laungani has written for a variety of peer-reviewed publications, including Global Change Biology: Bioenergy and Science Scope.

Aside from biology and being a D.J., Laungani spends time with his wife Natalie Umphlett and also enjoys cooking.


Scott Tichenor

Before he began his teaching career, Tichenor was a project and production engineer at an aircraft engine systems company. After nine years of being a teaching assistant at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), he made his way to Doane College where he begins this year as a visiting instructor in the math department.

When he isn't exploring the world of computational geometry and escape paths, he stays busy with his two children, Alexander (6 years) and Zoey (3 years).

He received his Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering in May '98 from UIUC, and his Master's degree in math from UIUC this year.


Kristopher Williams

This topology guru, a form of mathematics, majored in computer science and mathematics with a Latin minor at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa where he received his Bachelor's degree. He later earned his Master's degree and Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Iowa.

Williams has published work, including an appearance in the Algebraic & Geometric Topology journal. His work was titled, "line arrangements and direct products of free groups."

When Williams isn't instructing Math at Doane, he puts his math skills to use in all types of card games. You might also spot this avid coffee drinker with a coffee cup in hand.

Williams isn't just adding in the classroom--he is still adding to his family. He and his wife Katie already have a son named Grayson (18 months), and they are currently expecting another child in November.

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