Welcome for Enrollment Days

Welcome for Enrollment Days

Incoming Tigers get the opportunity to make specific plans to start their Doane experience in the fall through Enrollment Days. The last Enrollment Days will be Thursday, July 11. 

“When they came before it wasn’t really real yet,” said Carrie Petr, director of Hansen Leadership Program. “It was about ‘What could I do’ now it’s about ‘What will I do.’”

Students and parents will get the opportunity to:

  • Sign up for classes
  • Learn about financial aid and payment options
  • Learn about technology on campus
  • Learn about Residence Life
    • Living on campus
    • Going to classes
    • Social life of a college student
  • Visit the Health and Wellness Office
    • ​Turn in required health forms
  • Eat lunch in the cafeteria
  • Take a tour of some of the sample residence halls in Sheldon, Frees and Smith
  • Take photo for Doane ID

While students are lead throughout the day by Orientation Leaders, current Doane students who volunteer to come back and help with the day, parents have a separate presentation where they are able to ask any questions they may have.

“Questions parents ask about safety are different than questions students ask about safety,” Petr said.

Becky Hunke, assistant to the vice president of Academic Affairs, organizes adviser meetings and said that Enrollment Days were a good opportunity for students and parents to get the information they need.

“Information needs to get out there that you’d never think of,” she said. “When August comes you know what’s going to happen and you leave here with a class schedule that suits you.”

Petr agreed and said her goal was for students to feel comfortable when they come back in August.

“I want every student when they leave to be excited to come, confident they made the right choice and looking forward to August,” Petr said.

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