Top ways to get involved on campus

Top ways to get involved on campus

You choose a smaller college like Doane for a reason. Here, you’re not a number. You’re a student with endless possibilities who is encouraged to get involved and explore your opportunities. In fact, involvement on campus can be a great learning experience. Some of my best memories and greatest lessons have come from the activities I’m involved in.

My top three suggestions for getting involved on campus:

1. Look for scholarships

You can get paid to participate. The first thing that got me involved on campus was a music scholarship. I had been involved in band since 5th grade and decided I wanted to audition at Doane. Now I not only get the opportunity to keep music as a part of my life, but music is helping pay for tuition. So whether it’s music, athletics, theatre or a number of other activities, try to get scholarships for activities that interest you.

2. Go to the Student Organization Fair

Every year Doane hosts a Student Organization Fair before classes start so students can become acquainted with the different groups on campus. This year it will be held on

August 25 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on the lower level of Perry Campus Center. I decided to go as a freshman and it was a great opportunity to scope out the countless activities Doane offers, many of which I would have otherwise not known about.

3. Try something new

You never know what you might enjoy. Try an activity out of your comfort zone. Become a Student Congress senator, join the Rugby Club or the Students Activities Council. For me, it was writing for the school newspaper. I hadn’t planned on becoming a staff member for the Doane Owl, but decided to try something new by signing up for a basic newswriting and reporting class. I became hooked after working for the paper as a freshman. I’ve moved up in the organization to an editor and it also led me to become involved in the student magazine. So don’t be afraid to try something different, it may become your new passion.

There’s more to your college experience than the classroom. Involvement can be just as important. Getting involved on campus not only helps you connect to your school and build your résumé, but it can help you build community. Some of my closest friends have come from participating in activities. I wouldn’t trade the times I’ve had in rehearsals or the late nights I’ve had putting together the newspaper. They have been a significant part of my college experience, and I know many others would say activities have been just as significant for them.

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