Tiger Sculpture Dedicated

Tiger Sculpture Dedicated

It was 52 degrees with 30-mph winds. But the energy of the Doane band warmed the waiting crowd. Horns waving, chanting, dancing, a bit of belly bumping and you couldn’t help but get caught up in the pre-dedication excitement.

The 7.5’ tall, 1,600 lbs Tiger sculpture loomed majestically over the front entrance of the George and Sally Haddix Recreation & Athletic Center and over the large crowd of onlookers. A lucky few grabbed a seat heated by the sun, but most stood encircling the Tiger made more massive by its brick platform. 

Athletic Director Greg Heier ’85 kicked off the ceremony. “We are here to honor the George and Sally Haddix Recreation & Athletic Center, which keeps getting better and better. I have been privileged to be a part of three dedications at this facility. In October 2010, we dedicated this very building, and George Haddix is here with us. In February 2011, we dedicated the Rick and Wanda Gibson Hall of Fame Room in this building, and Rick Gibson is here with us. Now, today for the third time, we are dedicating this impressive Tiger outside the building because of the generosity of Troy Kanter.”

Heier drew a parallel between the constant innovation of successful organizations and the Tiger as a symbol for our campus. “We celebrate past success – building this incredible facility which is now even more spectacular. The Tiger is a reminder of who we are and also what we can become,” said Heier.

Doane President Jacque Carter took the podium next providing some background on the Tiger sculpture. Created by nationally acclaimed sculptor Bob Guelich, the Tiger arrived on April 23rd after a 890-mile journey on a flat-bed trailer from San Antonio, Texas.

“Troy, this would not be possible without you….he contributed the funds to allow Doane to purchase this Tiger. We’re all here to thank you for all you’ve done for Doane, and this symbol of Doane athletics now and in the future,” said President Carter.

President Carter unveiled a small bronze replica of the Tiger as a gift to Kanter. “Thank you to my family and all of you for being here. A lot of people have contributed to one of the most magnificent facilities in the Midwest,” said Kanter, who graduated from Doane in 1990 and serves as a member of the Board of Trustees.

Kanter went on to say that Doane was special, and a unique culture. “Kids come to be students at Doane and to engage in athletics, art, music, theatre, student congress and more. Students that want to engage in life….Coaches, faculty, and staff live this mission. They helped us as students at a point in our lives to find direction….thank you all for that,”said Kanter. “This is a special place and we have pride in it, and the Tiger is a nice symbol of it.”

The short ceremony closed with an exciting rendition of Doane’s fight song.

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