Tiger on Tour events leave impression

Tiger on Tour events leave impression

Cali Neuberger’s ’13 favorite thing about being in the Tigers on Tour: watching Doane alumni rekindle their connection with Doane and its community.

“At our last event in Kansas City, there were these two alums who hadn’t seen each other in 15 years,” Cali said. “It was nice to see them reconnect.”

The Tigers on Tour events target young alumni, from the previous 15 years, and are designed to remind them about Doane and the friendships they made while they were here.

Cali and the rest of the Tigers on Tour crew-- Bekah Ehly ’13 and Zak Karn ‘14--attended six events this summer, gathering stories from alumni and sharing with them what it’s like to be a student at Doane now.

“It’s important for them (Tigers on Tour) to initiate conversations that are meaningful,” said Alumni Affairs Director Anne Golden Ziola ‘04, ‘10 MA. “Find out what was really important to alumni while they were at Doane, what kept them here.”

In addition to the events allowing the Tigers on Tour to share with alumni, some also involved live entertainment and door prizes.

The events included:

  • Junior Class Event in Crete
  • Senior Class Event in Crete
  • Dave and Buster’s in Omaha
  • Blazin’ Pianos in Lincoln
  • Dinners with Tigers in Kansas City
  • Dinners with Tigers in David City

“Alumni have cool stories,” Bekah said. “One of my favorite things was listening to their stories and seeing what Doane was like five, 10, 15 years ago. So much has changed even since I was a baby freshman.”

The events were not only beneficial for alumni, but influenced the Tigers on Tour crew. All three members said the events convinced them to be active alumni.

“I think it’s sad when people lose touch with a place that’s been home for four years,” Cali said. “I think (being a Tiger on Tour) has shown me that it’s good to stay connected.”

As a recent graduate, Bekah said the Kansas City dinner was especially eye opening. “Going to that dinner really reminded me that you leave Doane, but Doane never leaves you,” Bekah said. “Now I know how to stay connected, who to contact and the importance of coming back to campus. Doane doesn’t have a choice but to stay in touch with me.”


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