Thomas goes behind the scenes at Pink concert

Thomas goes behind the scenes at Pink concert

Coryelle Thomas ’14 is pursuing a major in journalism and media and a minor in theatre, yet still making the most of her free time. Following her passion for entertainment, she spent the summer as an intern and has continued a Sunday show at KZKX 96.9 FM, a Three Eagles Communications radio station in Lincoln where she met a number of country music artists. Last weekend, Thomas had another opportunity to step into the professional entertainment arena: as a VIP assistant at Pink’s sold-out concert at Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln. Here is her account:

I neatly tucked the Gate 4 parking pass in the corner of my dash as I approached Pinnacle Bank Arena. I untangled my credentials and hung them around my neck. I wore them like a medal.

With a little pep in my step, I glided up to the loading dock doors and entered into a scene of organized chaos.

There were people carting sound equipment and a woman clutching a clipboard. I watched as security assembled in the corridors while others waltzed in and out of the production room.

I came to a little room piled high with boxes and received my first task. I joined a small team in the lobby to separate and organize the merchandise that we would be distributing later when the waves of VIP fans arrived.

We raced to package nearly 350 prize bags then received our next set of instructions. I periodically peeked outside the glass doors and watched as dedicated fans slowly began trickling outside the entrance. It was four hours before the show began.

Naturally, I assumed Pink and I would become best friends. Then reality set in. I had jobs to fulfill.

Hot-, Gold- and Silver-package VIP guests began arriving. Security stood guard at the entrance. The rest of the team filtered them into their corresponding lines and checked the list for their ticket information, while I greeted them inside with their merchandise and assisted them to their next location.

Some beamed as if I were handing them their first born as I dangled their prize bag in front of them.

It was two hours before the show began when the general admission began lining up.

Some looked envious of the VIP guests as they sported their bags with Pink’s rockin’ face plastered on the front. I began to realize the magnitude of the sold-out show. These fans paid to get front-and-center in the pit just before the stage, gain access to the hospitality area with delicious food and drinks and, of course, their concert “swag.”

coryelle_parents.jpgIt was an hour before the show when the supervisor gave me another task. I was sent into the hospitality area to greet the guests with concert information and answer any questions. There were couples in casual attire, some with pink hair, and others with wacky hats. I watched as they laughed and drank, including my own dad and stepmom (pictured).

Backstage, Pink and I didn’t share stories, take pictures or chat about the weather.

The reality of it is that I will not always be able to formally meet the famous and bombard social media with pictures to prove it. And to be honest, I could care less. I walked out of the arena that night and said to myself, “I just helped make that happen.”

And I’m tickled “pink.”

I am here to serve and entertain, so as I continue my Sunday show with KZKX 96.9, I will also count the blessings I have received. I wholeheartedly believe that I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for the fantastic mentors in the journalism and theatre departments as well as the alumni and all the friends I have made along the way.

There is a lot I have yet to learn, but without the opportunities from these people, I would simply be the perpetual class clown. I am thankful to have chosen Doane College.

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