Swoopes Shares Stories with Tigers

Sheryl Swoopes, a 1993 Texas Tech graduate, was on the Doane College campus on Monday evening and prior to speaking to students and community members in the Hanson Leadership speaker series, she spent some time with the women's basketball program.

The meeting primarily consisted of Swoopes sharing her experiences both in college and at the professional level and some question and answer.

She spoke about the amount of time she put in at the gym while in college.  Any free time she had between classes she was in the gym shooting and then capped off each night playing a pick-up game with other male students.  This did not include the time spent at practice.

Swoopes shared her experience of winning an NCAA national title and Olympic gold.  She told the team of the difficult times she went through, especially when rehabbing from an ACL injury.  The one thing that kept her motivated was that she was always told she could not go anywhere in basketball because she was a female.

Highlighting Swoopes' visit was when she spoke about her first encounter with Michael Jordan.  She was able to work one of his summer camps right out of college and played 1-on-1 with him in front of the campers. 

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