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Surviving Move-In Day

Surviving Move-In Day

Surviving Move-In Day

The next chapter of your life officially starts with one chaotic event: move-in day. You’re excited, hopeful and probably a little (if not a lot) nervous. There’s a lot to do and a lot to take in so here’s my suggestions to make moving in go as smoothly as possible.

Pack the car the day before

I’ve hauled all my stuff in and out of my car numerous times during my college career and I’ve discovered a few things. In order to make everything fit, it takes not only patience and planning, but some creativity. All of which might be lacking the morning of move-in day. So to minimize your stress, pack your car the day before.

Arrive early

Campus will be especially busy on move-in day so give yourself plenty of time. Not only will it shorten  the lines you will have to wait in, but if you beat your roommate there, you can get dibs on the best side. (Granted, I suggest speaking with your roommate before arrival to coordinate things in order to lay the foundation for civil living.)

Watch your temper

I’ve seen those students who snap at their parents as they do their best to help carry boxes and arrange things (and in all honesty, I’ve probably done it myself). Don’t be that person. The people that are helping you have probably done a significant amount for you in your life, and are continuing to by helping you move in and/or pay for college. So even though it may be easy to crack under the stress of the day, try not to lash out.

Have fun

This will be one of the few times during college in which you will be surrounded by a large group of people who are in the exact same situation you are.  If you are feeling a little lost, chances are someone else is too. Everyone in your class will be looking to make friends, so reach out and try to get to know people. It will make the first couple of days on campus less scary and will make the different events Doane has planned for you more fun, which Director of Hansen Leadership Program Carrie Petr advises you go to all of. “You might meet a lifelong friend or someone that will be in your wedding someday,” Petr said. “It’s just that time to get out there and meet people. You’ll never get this time back.”

No matter what you do, move-in day will at least be slightly overwhelming and scary. However, with a little planning you’ll move in and on to a career at Doane. Just remember to lift with your legs, not your back.

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