Solar Panel Website Shows Saved Energy

Solar Panel Website Shows Saved Energy

The six solar (photovoltaic PV) panels that were installed on the roof of the Chab Weyers Education & Hixson Lied Art Building two months ago have generated enough energy to offset the equivalent of six trees. The energy is equivalent to that needed to power 11 houses for a day.

Solar panel progress can be viewed at The site gives information about how much energy is used in the building and the environmental benefits of using the panels.

The solar panels were installed as part of Doane’s green initiative and senior Tyler Benal’s research project. Benal and Professor of Environmental Science Russ Souchek were the representatives behind the project. The panels are expected to offset the “vampire energy” used by the college. The investment of $9,000 should be returned in 10 to 15 years.

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