Social media spotlight: Journalism and Media

Social media spotlight: Journalism and Media

Today’s media is all about timeliness.

So why wait to build your resume?

In Doane’s Journalism and Media department, you’ll start reporting on campus news in your first semester. You’ll learn the best way to tell stories and then go do it, whether it’s writing, taking pictures, recording audio, editing video or using social media.

It could be writing a page-one story or designing sections for one of Nebraska’s oldest college newspapers, The Doane Owl (which began printing in 1874), or 1014 Magazine

It could be broadcasting a developing story or hosting a radio show on 91.9 FM KDNE, the campus radio station.

It could be reading the news as an anchor or producing video packages for Doane Student Media’s own TV station, DCTV.

Or it could be bringing all platforms – audio, video and writing – together in a breaking news package posted on the student news website,

You’ll learn from a former president of the College Media Association and a member of the Nebraska Broadcasting Hall of Fame. You’ll have opportunities to travel, intern and win awards. Our students routinely gain extra experience by taking on leadership roles – as editors and managers – in the various media.

And, at the College of fit in and stand out, you’ll gain the valuable experience that sets you apart from other college graduates.

#FacultyFriday profiles

David Swartzlander @dswartzlander

Began at Doane: 1998

Degrees: B.A. in journalism, Kent State University; M.A. in journalism, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Media experience: Stringer for the Cleveland Plain Dealer (covered Summit County, Akron); county government and school board beat reporter, Naples Daily News; county government beat reporter, Lakeland Ledger; started as business reporter but eventually became county government beat reporter, Binghamton Sun-Bulletin; started as transportation reporter but eventually became city hall reporter with additional beats, Lincoln Journal Star.

He is currently the past president of College Media Advisers after stints as vice president and president: “That's brought this college a little bit of notoriety in the collegiate journalism world. I've been quoted in papers throughout the country as president of CMA. It's been somewhat helpful in getting Doane College out there in the journalism world.”

Why I would recommend #DoaneJM: “Come here and you get to do it all right away. Not only do you get to do it all right away, we're going to teach you how to write, we're going to teach you how to edit, we're going to teach you how to shoot, we're going to teach you how to gather audio, we're going to teach you how to edit audio and video and put it all online. We're going to teach you everything that you need and we're going to do it on an almost one-to-one basis. The ratio is so small that there's a lot of personal attention not just from me but from Dr. (Lee) Thomas, too. We give students a lot of personal attention that they're not going to get at a big school or even some of the smaller schools.

“Plus, you've got a guy who's in the Nebraska Broadcasting Hall of Fame who teaches here. You've got a guy who was the president of a nationwide group of 900 professionals. We know our stuff. We know what we're doing.”

Dr. Lee Thomas

Started at Doane: 1995

Degrees: B.A. in Business, M.A. in Marketing, Ph.D. in Communication Studies, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Media experience: Started in radio (disc jockey jobs) and TV in high school in Denver; while at UNL, worked way up through KLMS and eventually became general manager of KLMS and KFMQ in Lincoln; radio station consultant for stations in Reno, Nev., Madison, Wis., Jefferson City, Mo., Dubuque, Iowa. Started out consulting with Woodward Communications and its stations but also consulted individually. Visiting instructor at UNL while in masters and doctorate programs. Taught for a year at Nebraska Wesleyan.

Why I would recommend #DoaneJM: “The fact that when a student walks in the door as a freshman, they can immediately start getting experience. Because it is a small program, we don't have big lecture sections. The biggest class I'm teaching this semester is 10 students. 

“I think we're pretty well-equipped actually. Our radio station is like a commercial station. The TV operation, Erik (Anderson) has done a good job. Students should be able to walk out of here and into a commercial setting and recognize what they need to do and how to do it. That’s what we're striving for.”


#tbt Throwback Thursday alumni profiles

Zachary Baehr ’02  @zacharybaehr

From: Adams, Neb.

Degree: B.A. in mass communications.

Currently: Communications specialist, Lincoln Public Schools

Journalism experience: Presenter on various communications topics including social media, content development and leadership; president of the Nebraska School Public Relations Association; launched multiple websites and content strategies.

Why I love #DoaneJM: “The thing about Doane’s MassComm (formerly mass communications) program while I was there was the variety of opportunities. I graduated with skills to write, photograph, film, edit, design and communicate effectively, and do it all quickly and effectively. I probably didn’t realize all the skills I had obtained at the time, but in all my previous and current roles, I do all those things and more on a weekly basis. It’s easy to see that the variety of courses and opportunities were extremely helpful in developing my skills and interests.”

JoAnna Bausch ’09

From: Miller, Neb.

Degrees: B.A.s in journalism, English and history.

Currently: Team Lead at Yahoo, managing a team of search account managers. Team’s current  responsibility is to cultivate relationships to retain, manage and grow Yahoo advertisers.

Journalism experience: Started with Yahoo in Omaha after graduating in 2009. Began as a search ad operations specialist, providing operational and strategic support for search advertisers (2009 – 2011). Progressed to the search account manager role, responsible for managing and growing clients’ search business (2011-2013).

“In my time at Yahoo, I have also had the opportunity to work closely with our B2B Marketing & Communications team, assisting with advertiser webinars and contributing to our Yahoo Advertising blog.”

Why I love #DoaneJM: “Via Doane’s Journalism program and the immediate hands-on activity in the student media, I learned to think critically, ask tough questions and bring together various sources of information into a clear, digestible format that added value to the audience’s experience. Even seemingly routine story assignments offered the opportunity to uncover a new perspective, find an untold story and make an unexpected impact across campus and beyond. As part of that hands-on learning I made REAL mistakes in REAL media situations. But, I learned how to correct those mistakes and improve with each experience. As a staffer on The Doane Owl, I always looked forward to ‘Hindsight’ – the weekly review from Swartz (Professor David Swartzlander) to The Owl staff of what went well and what could be improved upon in the most recent edition of the campus newspaper. There was always something to improve upon.

“When I started out at Doane, I didn’t picture my journalism degree leading me to the digital advertising space. However, Doane’s journalism program proved to be the perfect training ground. In the digital advertising world, driving strategic results for clients – like a great piece of journalism - requires thinking beyond the routine; asking questions and uncovering unknown opportunities/challenges and creative solutions that add value to the client’s experience. Every day requires the ability to boil down complicated concepts and jargon into a clear, digestible format that demonstrates the benefit of an offering to an advertiser – much like crafting a basic news story. And, since I stepped off campus at Doane, journalism degree in hand, I started to apply my own ‘Hindsight’ – reviewing each experience; learning, adjusting, and always striving to be the best I can be. There will always be something to improve upon.”

Callie Cox ’13  @calliedc

Degrees: B.A.s in journalism and media, English. Earned minor in theatre.

Currently: Page at "The Late Show with David Letterman," intern at Praytell Strategy

Journalism experience: While at Doane, music intern on the Late Show with David Letterman.

Read more about her story here.

Why I love #DoaneJM: “Doane’s journalism department prepared me for so many real-world situations before I ventured out there on my own. The department and my professors helped me to explore almost every form of media and how to communicate effectively through each. Working as a student journalist taught me how to be a true team player, a hard worker and also enhanced my creativity. If you want to really get somewhere and be someone, the students and professors in Doane’s journalism department will challenge you to do exactly that.”

Taylor Foy ’09  @taylorfoy

From: Ogallala, Neb.

Degrees: B.A. in journalism. Earned minor in business administration.

Currently: Press secretary for U.S. Senator Mike Johanns (R-Neb.)

Journalism experience: White House communications intern, fall 2009, Washington, D.C.; communications/outreach chairman for the Nebraska Society of Washington, D.C. (currently overseeing a website redesign for the Nebraska Society); member of the Board of Directors for the U.S. Senate Press Secretaries Association.

Why I love #DoaneJM: “At Doane, you have a rare opportunity to role up your sleeves and get real, hands-on experience in your first year. At bigger schools, you might have to wait to have a radio show or a reporting beat. I got this my first year, and left college with not only a second-to-none classroom experience, but real-world technical experience as well.”

Tatton Jacob ’10  @tattonjacob

From: Meriden, Kan.

Degrees: B.A.s in journalism, English. Earned minor in philosophy.

Currently: “For the past three years, I have toured by train with Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus as a video technician. I work with LED video screens and automated winch/hydraulic motors systems for live entertainment shows. I tour all over the United States and Mexico. I enjoy traveling with work. That is certainly something I learned at Doane. The college encourages travel. I went on a phenomenal journalism interterm trip to Washington D.C. for Obama’s historic (first) inauguration. I was also able to spend a semester abroad studying in Africa.

“Worth noting is that I was referred to this job opportunity through a fellow Doane College and Alpha Pi Epsilon alumnus."

Experience: “I start a new job soon, within the same company that owns the circus: FELD Entertainment. We are making a new show called Marvel Universe Live and I will be the lead projections technician. The show will start touring this summer. It's going to be a huge show, excited to learn more as we assemble more of the pieces.

“I take an increasing amount of photography. That’s a hobby that was nurtured in Gaylord Hall (where #DoaneJM is housed)."

Check out Tatton’s photography at his website and on Instagram.

Why I love #DoaneJM: “Doane’s programs are a good size. Small enough that you have to do a bit of everything, but still allows someone the freedom to find and develop a niche.”

Andy Pray ’02  @PraytellNY

From: Grand Marais, Minn.

Degree: B.A. in Mass Communications.

Currently: Running his own public relations agency, Praytell Strategy.

Read more about Andy's story here, on Assistant Journalism Professor David Swartzlander's blog.

Journalism experience: Worked with KOLN/KGIN TV stations in Lincoln, Neb., and KGWN in Cheyenne, Wyo.; news writer and producer at CBS-owned KPIX in San Francisco (2004-05); assistant account executive for Antenna Group (2005-06); account executive at Waggener Edstrom (2006-07); began as senior account executive and eventually became vice president for Ruder Finn (2007-10); worked with SVP Digital (2010-12); and now started his own public relations agency, Praytell Strategy (2012-present).

Why he loves #DoaneJM: Wait and see. Check out the upcoming Doane Magazine for Pray’s own story - in his own words - about how Doane’s Journalism and Media program vaulted him into his career.

#TigerCrushTuesday student profiles

Hannah Bauer ’15 @hannahrbauer

From: Fairbury, Neb.

Majors: Journalism and media, Philosophy

Involvement: News editor, The Owl; copy chief, 1014 Magazine; content manager,; entertainment anchor, DCTV.

Internship(s)/job(s): Since November, marketing intern at Cornerstone Print & Marketing.

Why I love #DoaneJM: “I love the journalism and media program because I've done things I'd never been able to try out at a larger school. Doane's small program has given me a ton of experience, and, as a result, a ton of confidence.”

Lizz Bauer ’14  @Lizz_Bauer


From: Los Angeles


Major: Journalism and media

Involvement: Life & Leisure editor, The Owl; section editor, 1014 Magazine; assistant news director, DCTV; production director, KDNE.

Internship(s)/job(s): “I have been hired to be a radio personality for KZKX 96.9 (in Lincoln). I have a daily show from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.”

Why I love #DoaneJM: “I really believe in the Doane journalism program because it exposes you fully to all the different media. I actually fell into radio by accident. There was a position open in the radio station, and my professor asked me if I would be interested. In a bigger program, I would have never realized how much I love radio. I also appreciate that all of the professors are highly accomplished in their fields, and have years of practical experience. The advice they are able to give is so useful because they have actually worked in the field that we are pursuing. I feel confident going into graduation because I have had four years of experience in print, online, television and radio media. That makes a huge difference when trying to get a job.”

Erin Bell ’15  @bell_erin

From: Julesburg, Colo.

Majors: Journalism and media, English

Involvement: Editor-in-chief, The Owl; section editor, 1014 Magazine.

Internship(s)/job(s): Scripps Howard Foundation Semester in Washington Program, summer 2014.

Why I love #DoaneJM: “The hands-on experience.”

Bayley Bischof ’17  @bayley_bear

From: Waverly, Neb.

Major: Journalism and media

Invovlement: Staff writer, The Owl; social media director,

Internship(s)/job(s): “No journalism internships yet, but I am doing an internship at Disney World in the Fall!”

Why I love #DoaneJM: “I love journalism because I get to meet and talk to new people everyday, and combine those conversations and impressions into a story that the entire campus will have the opportunity to read. It’s something that can make a real difference in someone’s life. It’s already made a huge difference in mine.”

Alex Dawson ’15  @alexcdawson

From: Christchurch, New Zealand.

Majors: Journalism and media, English.

Involvement: Staff writer, The Owl and 1014 Magazine.

Why I love #DoaneJM: “The Journalism and Media program at Doane is great because we receive one-on-one time with professors that have tremendous experience in their respective fields. As a result of these close relationships, students are able to learn and improve at a faster rate than they would elsewhere.
“I was lucky enough to go on a trip recently to Nashville, Tenn. for a sports journalism conference due to connections in the Doane Journalism and Media department.”

Alisha Forbes ’14  @foistsea


From: Palmer, Neb.


Major: Journalism and media  Minors: History, political science

Involvement: “Right now, I’m producing multimedia stories for the Doaneline for my multiplatform class as well as producing content for all student media for our (senior) capstone (course) investigation. In the past, I was the managing editor for The Owl and production director for KDNE.

Internship(s)/job(s): “I interned in Washington, D.C. at CQ Researcher. I don’t have a job lined up yet because I'll be spending a semester studying abroad at Oxford University after graduation.

Why I love #DoaneJM: “The professors have challenged and encouraged me to be the best I can be. Plus, I won a study trip to Japan, so that was pretty darn cool.”

Brody Hilgenkamp ’14  @BrodyHilgenkamp

From: Laramie, Wyo.

Major: Journalism and media Minor: History

Involvement: Music director, KDNE; sports editor, The Owl.

Internship(s)/job(s): Interned at 1620 The Zone (KOZN) in Omaha, Neb. over the summer of 2013.

Why I love #DoaneJM: “I love the Doane Journalism and Media program because it gave me real-world experience and the ability to create a professional product right here at school.”

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