Runza Commercial Filmed on Campus

Doane's very own Perkins Library was the backdrop for a new Runza commercial. 

The stars?  Jacob Francis '11 and his twin brother Paul spent about three hours early Saturday morning December 1, bantering about tasty french fries and warm Runza sandwiches.  Often the brothers antics had the film crew laughing.    

How did they get discovered? During a comment card contest, Paul admits "I wrote some really descriptive comments about the food loaded with adjectives, and I said my twin brother loves the fries and he's a vegetarian." In addition to the commercial, Paul's comments are also featured on table toppers and receipts at Runza.     

If you see the flash of dark hair or a grey shirt, you may recognize extras Layne Rabe '07 and Allan Recalde, art director in the marketing communications office.

The commercial is scheduled to air in January or February next year.

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