Program highlight: Hansen Leadership Program

Program highlight: Hansen Leadership Program

At Doane, leadership isn’t just an institutional initiative.

It’s a way of life.

The Hansen Leadership Program, named after former Mack Truck President Zenon C.R. Hansen, challenges participants to develop the skills necessary to be leaders academically, professionally and personally.

It begins with the Directions Program, a first-year experience specifically designed for freshmen that puts them on track in HLP as well as earning requirements toward a minor degree in Leadership Studies. Split between male and female groups, the applicants who earn the select 48 spots in Directions live together in suites in the Hansen Leadership Hall.

After finishing the first-year program, students are encouraged to meet leadership benchmarks throughout their time at Doane.

A major tenant of the program is attendance to Hansen Speaker Series events, which feature notable leaders to speak on campus at the School of Arts and Sciences in Crete. Past speakers include Blake Mycoskie (founder of TOMS Shoes), Paul Rusesabagina (activist, author and inspiration for the film Hotel Rwanda), Arun Gandhi (the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi), Sheryl Swoopes (WNBA player and olympian) and many more.

Interested? Great! We want students who want to test themselves at the College of leaders. The deadline to apply for entry into the 2014-15 (Class of '18) Directions Program is this Friday, Jan. 31.

Scholarships are available to those who apply. For more information, contact HLP Director Carrie Petr.

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Hansen Leadership Program Highlights from @DoaneCollege



Rachel Lukowicz ’17

From: Littleton, Colo.

Major: Biology | Minors: Leadership Studies, English

Leadership projects: "My directions group is working on giving back to the Crete community by volunteering at the local senior home. We are planning on doing a series of events over a three-month span that include activities like BINGO and easter egg dying! I am also a senator in Student Congress, play softball and a member of HMOC."

Why I love HLP & Directions: "I love the Directions Program because of the program's dedication to help you develop and grow as a leader. They all embrace your uniquely individual leadership approaches.The program allows you to identify with a leadership style and leadership characteristics you value. They then teach you tools and skills to help strengthen your leadership talents and communicate effectively with other leaders. The Directions Program has allowed me to make genuine connections with others who also value similar things and (it has) positively impacted my collegiate career already!"

Kayleigh Schadwinkel ’16

From: Gering, Neb.

Major: Business Administration | Minors: Leadership Studies, Accounting

Leadership projects: Directions Mentor, Student Congress Representative-Recycling in Haddix Center, Doane Ambassador, Choreographer and Director of my own dance project called “Let's Go to the Movies.”

Why I love HLP & Directions: "Directions provides a great opportunity for students to dive deeper into their leadership skills and how to develop them as they go about their college careers. The Direction Program gives a deeper insight into: what type of personality and leadership style a student is; help that student to have a better understanding of themselves; and how they can interact with others as a leader. For me, I learned that I am a bubbly, outgoing individual who desires harmony in group situations. Even though, this approach may work well with many, not everyone can relate to my personality. Because of this, Directions helped me learn how to adapt my personality to fit others and how to successfully lead and work with different personality types in a small and large group situation.  Also, Directions is a great opportunity for students to reach out into their local communities of Crete, Lincoln and surrounding areas to showcase their servant leadership and to benefit others around them."

Brooke Ludemann '16

From: North Platte, Neb.

Major: Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing | Minors: Leadership Studies, Music, Communications.

Leadership projects: Hansen Leadership Advisory Board, Keeper of HLP's "Mack the Dog," Omega Psi Theta Service Chair, Student Honors Advisory Group, Miss America Scholarship Organization, Doane Ambassador, Omicron Delta Kappa, Emerging Leaders of Doane College.

Why I love HLP & Directions: "HLP has shaped my whole career at Doane; my friends, involvement, and course of study has been highly influenced by my involvement. I was able to become a part of the Hansen Leadership Advisory Board which has helped me gain skills for my future career in marketing, as well as meet really interesting people through our speaker series. My platform in the Miss America program is '1-2-3 LEAD,' which was inspired by my involvement in Directions and interest in leadership for young people. Overall, I wouldn't be the person I am today if I had not been a part of the Hansen Leadership Program."

Caleb White ’17

From: Crete, Neb.

Major: Music Education

Leadership projects: "I am currently a team captain for Relay for Life, worship leader for Hour of Power and Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ), soloist for the jazz band, leader of a brass quintet here on campus, and am currently involved in helping high school seniors prepare for the U.S. Army All-American Marching Band as well as giving private guitar lessons on the side."

Why I love HLP & Directions: I love Directions because it has placed me with 28 other bright students who are driven and motivated individuals.  Being around people like this makes my time at Doane much more enjoyable and productive. We're a pretty tight-knit group."



Quint Geis '13

Hometown: Henderson, Neb.

Major: Psychology | Minor: Creative Writing

Past leadership projects: Hansen Leadership Program Mentor, Senior Residence Adviser in Hansen Hall, Music Coordinator at KDNE, Student Congress Senator

Current leadership projects: Graduate School for Student Affairs at UNL, Graduate Student Representative for Education Administration Department
"I loved both Directions and the HLP because it helped me flourish as a leader.  I learned how to work with other leaders and grow in my understanding of my own leadership. It has helped me find a career path and a passion in pursuing student affairs. An additional thing that I enjoyed about HLP is that is a community of people who were truly passionate about their interests and understood what it meant to give all your effort to accomplish goals you had set."
Ashleigh Sons '13
Hometown: Shenandoah, Iowa
Major: Music education, now teaching elementary music in her hometown
"Directions not only helped me be a better leader, but it helped me be a better follower. Sometimes as leaders, we want to take everything over, but Directions helped me learn to be okay with stepping  back and letting others run the show for awhile. As a new teacher, following the veteran teachers and taking their ideas is helping me be a better educator."
Carrie Petr, director of the Hansen Leadership Program and minor in Leadership Studies

Education: B.A. from Berry College (Rome, Ga.), M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Why do you recommend the program? "I think Directions is a terrific way for students to meaningfully discover their best leadership traits and skills and to develop abilities they didn't even know they have."

How have you seen it positively affect students? "Students make connections to campus and to other student leaders that help them throughout their Doane career."

What is your favorite part of Directions? "My favorite part, selfishly, is how much I love spending time with a group of awesome people."

What is you favorite part of HLP overall? "As a professor in Leadership Studies, I really enjoy teaching people about the ways that good leadership can positively impact the lives of other people."

Who is your favorite speaker in the Hansen Speaker Series? "It sounds like a cop out but I really liked all of them, just in different ways.  I personally enjoy it when we have a speaker whose area of expertise is something I know nothing about, because then I learn about something new."

Jay Fennell, assistant director of the Hansen Leadership Program

Education: BS and MA from University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Why do you recommend the program? "It is a great way for students to jumpstart their college career by meeting other leaders, listening to established local and world leaders, diving into leadership theory and learning more about themselves." 

How have you seen it positively affect students? "By living in a group of leaders, they encourage each other to try new things or join a student group."

What is your favorite part of Directions? "I love working with all of the students and watching them grow throughout their college career.  Many of them develop lifelong friendships with other Directions students."

What is your favorite part of HLP overall? "Watching the upperclassmen take the Directions students under their wings.  It has kind of become a 'pay it forward' experience that has happened naturally."

Favorite speaker? "I have honestly enjoyed every speaker in their own way. They force me to come out of the little bubble that I live in and see the world in a different way."

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