Professor, author of 'Children of the Gulag' To Speak as Part of Doane's Dredla Series

Professor, author of 'Children of the Gulag' To Speak as Part of Doane's Dredla Series
The Fall 2012 Dredla Research Speakers Series speaker will be Cathy Frierson, Professor of History at the University of New Hampshire.  Professor Frierson will speak about her recent book, Children of the Gulag in the Whitcomb Conservatory on October 11, 2012 at 11 a.m. This talk is free and open to the public.
Professor Frierson will discuss the fates of children in the Soviet Union in the 1930s-1950s who were orphaned and stigmatized when the Soviet government designated one or both of their parents an "enemy of the people" or a "Traitor to the Motherland."  Her talk will be based in part on interviews she conducted in Russia in 2005-2007 with child survivors for her book, Children of the Gulag, co-authored with Semyon Vilensky.
The Dredla Research Speakers Series sponsors scholarly presentations in all academic disciplines. Named after Doane College alumni Alberta M. Dredla (1905-2003) and Bernice C. Dredla Sanderson (1909-2000), the lectures gather students, faculty, and the larger Doane College community into challenging consideration of research in the liberal arts and sciences. Alberta Dredla graduated from Doane in 1926 with English and history majors. Bernice Dredla, a 1935 Doane graduate, majored in English. Natives of Crete, the sisters went on to distinguished careers in teaching. The lecture series continues the Dredla sisters’ long-time commitment to education.
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Children in a gulag camp nursery being fed. Image from Children of the Gulag by Cathy Frierson and Semyon Vilensky (Yale University Press, 2010), p311.


Cathy Frierson_1-75.pngCathy Frierson, professor of history at the University of New Hampshire, and author of Children of the Gulag.

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