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President Carter unvelis new leadership structure

President Carter unvelis new leadership structure

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The new year will bring some new beginnings at Doane University. Among them is a new leadership structure, President Dr. Jacque Carter announced yesterday.


For many years, Doane has referred to individuals in senior leadership positions as “Cabinet,” a group that reports directly to the President and meets regularly on a weekly basis. As Dr. Carter stated in his announcement to the community yesterday, “This organizational model has served the college well in the past but as we continue to grow into a larger and more complex university, a different organizational model is warranted.”


As a result, effective in January, “Cabinet” will no longer exist as a group within the university’s organizational structure.  


Going forward, Dr. Carter believes it is time the university organizes in new ways and with different models, more reflective of the pressing challenges and promising opportunities before the institution.  


“Whether we are faculty, staff or administration, all of us should be thinking about how we can do things differently in our roles here to ensure success in accomplishing our strategic goals,” Carter said.  


Towards this end, effective in January, Dr. Carter will establish a President’s Leadership Team. This new structure is designed to support the vision for Doane University, position leadership in roles more representative of who Doane aspires to be, sharpen the university’s focus on actions necessary to achieve its key strategic goals, and coincide with the Strategic Planning Process.  


The members of the President’s Leadership Team reflect a wide range of experience and expertise in areas that directly relate to Doane’s highest priority, immediate short term, and emerging long-term strategic goals.


Members include:

  • Dr. Paul Savory, soon-to-be appointed Executive Vice President, Academic Affairs and Provost

  • Andrea Butler, Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs, Adult and Online Operations

  • Julie Schmidt, Vice President for Finance and Administration

  • Dr. Carrie Lovelace Petr, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

  • Joel Weyand, Vice President for Enrollment and University Communications

  • Mike Carpenter, Vice President for Information Technology

  • Marty Fye, Vice President for Advancement

  • Luis Sotelo, Chief Diversity Officer and Special Assistant to the President

  • Matt Franzen, Athletic Director

  • Tricia Mohr, Chief of Staff to the President

  • Laura Northup, Director of Human Resources

  • Dan Kohler, soon-to-be appointed Chief Marketing Officer

  • Jake Hoy-Elswick, Director of International Programs