Poet-in-residence Scheele to share latest collections April 24

Poet-in-residence Scheele to share latest collections April 24

Doane’s Poet-in-Residence Roy Scheele has been translating work by German poet Christoph Meckel since 1974.

While he only translates the poetry “here and there," Scheele recently submitted five translated poems of Meckel’s for publication in Circumference, a print and online poetry journal.  All were accepted.

“I was attracted to Meckel’s work because there’s a sense of like-mindedness between us,” Scheele said, “with our sense of humors, you know.”

Scheele will also have two essays published in different publications; one about “Hamlem Brook,” a poem by Richard Wilbur, and one which compares a poem by Robert Frost and a painting by Grant Wood.

Scheele will share his love of poetry and some of his work with students and faculty at a poetry reading at 7:30 p.m. April 24 in Communications 02.

He was first drawn to poetry in seventh grade when he read a translation of “Homer’s Odyssey.” He also read “Crazy Horse” by Mari Sandoz, which blew him away.

“I think when you first get drawn into something you don’t know what it is, what appeals to you,” he said. “Now looking back, I like that poetry says a lot in a short amount of space.”

In his poetry reading, Scheele will read some published and unpublished work, specifically some sonnets he wrote about Shakespearean themes being that Shakespeare’s birthday is Wednesday.

“Most students like poetry,” he said. “I hope the reading reinforces that liking.”

Scheele enjoys the chance to work with students at Doane and that small class sizes allows him to get to know them.

“(I like) probably some of the things that students like about Doane, I would think,” Scheele said.

When Scheele was in school, it was the encouragement of a teacher that helped him get interested in poetry. He got into teaching, in part, because he hoped he could do that for someone else, he said.

“It’s important that people keep poetry in their lives. It enriches their lives.”

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