New career center aims to meet student needs

New career center aims to meet student needs

The College to Career Center will be a new addition to Doane’s School of Arts and Sciences in the spring of 2014.

One of the most important needs of today’s college students is finding a job or being accepted into a desirable graduate program for students who earn their degree from Doane. That can be tough in this challenging economic environment, but the College to Career Center will provide students the assistance they need.

“We’ll be better positioned to help our students make connections,” said Carolyn Ersland, College to Career Center director. “We’ll help (students) be proactive in their own process.”

College to Career Center will include the following:

  • Programs to assist students in preparing a four-year plan for career development, including skills to create a balanced and meaningful life.

  • Programs to assist students in pre-professional programs for law and medicine and provide guidance in their search and successful acceptance into graduate programs that fit their goals and aspirations.

  • Programs which prepare seniors for the transition out of college, including: financial literacy; employment and leasing contract negotiations; budgeting; and loan payback strategies. Programs to increase corporate outreach for internship experiences.

The College to Career Center will be located in Doane’s Perry Memorial Campus Center, adjacent to the dining hall - a beneficial location according to Ersland.

The center will be virtually impossible for students to walk by and not notice, she said, so it will be easily accessible to every student.

“Students don’t come into college knowing exactly what they want to do,” Ersland said. “Some students assume (the College to Career Center) is only for junior and seniors. We want all students to feel welcome.”

The College to Career Center is now fully staffed with the recent hiring of Sarah Begay ’96 as the assistant director/internship coordinator.

Begay is currently the admissions assistant director at Doane. In her new role she will focus on promoting the internship program as an integral, valued element of the liberal arts learning experience.

“We want students to learn how to market their skills, feel empowered, come in, ask and get support,” Ersland said. “(Doane) has an investment in students becoming successful.”


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