Marley Appointed Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs

Marley Appointed Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs

Five years ago, Dr. Kate Marley would never have thought she would be making the switch from faculty to administration.

Marley will take on the position of associate vice president of Academic Affairs this upcoming school year. Doane’s strategic plan involves revising the general education curriculum and re-accreditation. The college decided that it needed another administrator to help guide these initiatives.

Dr. John Burney, vice president of Academic Affairs, said that the position will additionally help expand the adult education, international and online programs. Burney said he is excited to work with Marley because she will bring a lot of experience and vision to the position. “Kate is such a talented person. Not only is she a great leader for the biology department, but also for the whole science department,” Burney said. 

Marley, a biology professor, said she wanted to make the switch because she enjoys working on the big picture of curriculum. She has been working on bigger matters of curriculum at Doane and on a national level programs for the past couple of years.

Marley was selected in 2012 as a Vision and Change Leadership Fellow for the Partnership for Undergraduate Life Sciences Education (PULSE) program. This program focuses on redefining science curriculum on a national level. Marley said that the program works towards showing students the reality of being scientists, among other things.

Her work with PULSE was instrumental in her decision to apply for the administrative position. She said it gave her a different perspective on working with different departments and members of faculty across institutions. 

Marley will switch from working with a set of students and professors to working with a greater variety of faculty and administration. However, she plans on teaching a first-year liberal arts seminar and looks forward to working with  students.

“I won’t get to work as closely with students, particularly with senior research students, but I’m looking forward to working with faculty across the college and across both schools,” Marley said.

Marley said she is also excited for the opportunity to work on experiential learning, such as undergraduate research and study abroad programs. She said she wants to be available to collaborate and support faculty to get involved with Doane.

Marley would never have seen this position was in her future, and so she is hesitant to predict where it will take her, but she said she is excited for the journey.

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