Many Moccasins Dance Troupe to Perform in Common Grounds

Many Moccasins Dance Troupe to Perform in Common Grounds

In honor of Native American History Month, Multicultural Support Services is sponsoring an event at 12 p.m. on November 14 at Common Grounds.

The event will feature Many Moccasins, a Native American dancing group, and Garan Coons, a professional Native American dancer.

According to the group’s Facebook page, “The Many Moccasins Dance Troupe is an ensemble of professional performers who utilize Traditional Native American style of dance and incorporate their own unique theatrical twist.”

The Many Moccasins perform in full Native American regalia. The performance includes intricate footwork and live music.

The group also includes contemporary performances in the traditional show.

Dances performed include men’s fancy feather dance, women’s fancy shawl dance, and the popular hoop dance. The dance troupe also showcases specialty dances particular to certain tribes, such as the “Fish Dance” or the “Appliqué Dance.”

Garan Coons founded The Many Moccasins Dance Troupe. He is a member of the Oglala Lakota Tribe. In addition to his cultural dances, he tells stories to illustrate Native American History.

The event is free and open to the public.



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