Livengood Inducted Into NAIA Hall

Doane College alum Dr. Mary Livengood Sutherland, Class of 2001, was inducted today to the NAIA Hall-of-Fame. Livengood, originally from Omaha, Nebraska, and currently residing in North Pole, Alaska, made the trip to Marion, Indiana, and was accompanied by family and friends at the ceremony.

Reading the citation of introduction was one of her college coaches, Brad Jenny, and she was presented her plaque by current Doane Head Coach Ed Fye.

Going away from his script momentarily, Jenny shared some moments about Livengood. He recalled her waking up her teammates at 7:00 AM and singing "rise and shine" to them only to get kicked out of their rooms. The moment that he remembers the most occurred during the end of Livengood's sophomore year.

"With a tear in her eye because she didn't make the qualifying standard for outdoors, she had a very determined look and said ‘that will not happen again' and from that point on she qualified for every meet going on to win all 10 All-American honors after that point," Jenny shared with the crowd.

Livengood earned All-American honors eight times in track and twice in cross country while also receiving NAIA Scholar-Athlete honors twice in both track and cross country. She was a three-time NAIA individual champion, winning the indoor 3,000m and outdoor 5,000m and 10,000m during her senior season and helping the Tigers win the school's first ever national title during the outdoor season.

"I have so many people to thank," Livengood stated. "My parents attended every single meet they could drive to in a day, even when I wasn't very good. Most of all, my coaches, Fred Beile, Brad (Jenny), Ed (Fye), Ken (Marvin) and everyone at Doane."

She attributed a lot to the Tiger coaching staff as well as they stuck by her through her four years at Doane.

"We talk about character, integrity and development and the one thing is that they (coaches) didn't just care about me as an athlete but they cared about me as a person and that is what helped me develop those characteristics: the character, the integrity, the perseverance. It was their support, even when I wasn't a great athlete, that made sure every member of the team was taken care of."

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