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Jill Wineman, of Gering, joined the legions of working mothers about nine months ago with the birth of her daughter, Emery. Now, Wineman will be joining Nebraska women who have been selected as their Business and Professional Women organizations  as The Young Careerist. She is a member of the Panhandle Business and Professional Women (BPW) organization.

The Virginia Allan Young Careerist Program started nationally in 1964 and recognizes the accomplishments of young, upcoming leaders and provides them with professional development skills and opportunities. Wineman and her husband Kenny, who is a Gering native, moved to Gering three years ago. Wineman has been working for Gering Valley Plumbing and Heating as its accountant and business manager for two years. She said she has enjoyed working at the business, particularly since the birth of her daughter.

"My job is very flexible and family-oriented. I work three days a week from home, so its' an advantage over previous places I've worked at. "Wineman, who grew up in Nebraska City, said she enjoys the Scottsbluff-Gering area.

"It's like living in a small town with the big city amenities, like access to shopping," she said. "It is a good place to raise kids. I also think you get to be involved a lot more.

In Wineman's nomination for the Young Careerist award, she was cited for her membership since March 2005 and her role as membership chair and second vice-president.

"Jill has been an active and supportive member of Panhandle BPW since she joined, and is a valuable offset," her nomination read.

As the Young Careerist Wineman will compete with other women selected for the honor at the state conference in April.  Each of the women must speak on one of seven topics that support the BPW and its mission.  The state conference will be held in Scottsbluff.

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