Interterm 250: Covering the Inauguration

Interterm 250: Covering the Inauguration

For 3 credit hours and once-in-a-lifetime memories, 14 Doane students will travel this January to Washington D.C. to witness President Barack Obama be inaugurated for his second term. Students were also there for his first inauguration in 2009.

Interterm, which spans three weeks in January before the spring semesters, offers students special condensed experiences like this one. Some are held on campus while others go off campus to places like Europe, Thailand, Africa, the Caribbean and Peru.

This interterm to D.C. involves a 16-day trip with an amazing itinerary:

  • cover the Inauguration as student reporters
  • tour D.C. newspaper and television stations
  • research past presidents and inaugurations at the Library of Congress
  • meet and discuss issues with the Nebraska legislative delegation, representatives of the Washington Press Corps and possibly other national leaders
  • file stories with Nebraska newspapers, and Lincoln-area radio and television outlets while in D.C.
  • tour the Smithsonian Institute, the Washington and Lincoln Memorials, historic Georgetown, and other attractions
  • visit the Pentagon and FBI Training Academy in Virginia if time.

Make sure you watch the media for news reported by Doane students!


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