History of Tiger Mascot

History of Tiger Mascot

When you come to Doane, you become a Tiger.

The tiger generally symbolizes the same thing across different cultures. It mainly represents strength and power, its image commanding fear and respect.

Since a mascot is supposed to bring luck as well as symbolize an organization, those strong characteristics would seem like a logical enough reason to select a tiger to represent Doane.

Doane has a long athletic history that dates back to 1891, and athletics continues to be a central part of the Doane experience.

Over the years, our 22 intercollegiate teams have fielded more than 700 All-Americans. Additionally, numerous conference, regional and national championship titles adorn our walls.

Doane athletes learn lessons from the field that follow them throughout their career and have shaped them as leaders.

However, even with strong athletes and a strong athletic history, the true reason why the college selected the Tiger as its mascot is still a mystery.

It is known, though, that in 1887, the daughters of the college founder, Thomas Doane, made a flag to hang above a Doane College tent at an assembly to distinguish it from other colleges.

They made an orange, triangular flag with black borders and letters. Since then, orange and black were adopted as Doane’s school colors.

The first documented use of the nickname Tigers was in 1907. The theory is that with the colors orange and black, no other mascot came as close as a tiger.

With Tigers who hail from all around the globe, all possessing the strength and power it takes to be leaders on and off the field, it seems liking choosing to be the Tigers was the right decision to make.

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