High School Senior Advantage Program

High School Senior Advantage Program

Doane’s Admission team logs a multitude of hours and miles across the country in search of future Doane Tigers. But sometimes, the toughest place to recruit is close to home. It goes against a mindset – if college is an adventure, shouldn’t the adventure begin with some kind of distant destination?

A new program at the School of Arts and Sciences in Crete will give area high school seniors an advantage at Doane. Named simply the High School Senior Advantage Program, it allows high school seniors to take classes tuition free while experiencing a nationally ranked college right in their own backyard. High school seniors within driving distance of Crete including Lincoln, Wilber, Dorchester, Milford and more can enroll in up to two courses per semester tuition free (some restrictions apply). Qualifying students pay only a $100 processing fee when they register. The Office of Admission is administering the program to eligible students. Requirements include a high school GPA of at least 3.0 and permission from the student’s high-school principal. Students must also meet basic course qualifications.

High school seniors increasingly want a head start on their college education, said Joel Weyand, Doane’s Vice President for Enrollment Services and Marketing, and this program gives them an opportunity to take up to 12 college credits at a great value. “These students can experience outstanding faculty and sample a world-class college environment before they make that important college choice,” Weyand said. "At a time when families are looking for significant value in their post-secondary education investment, Doane will continue to be a leader in demonstrating both our great value and our academic excellence,” Weyand said.

The High School Senior Advantage Program is available now. Fall semester classes begin Aug. 26 at the School of Arts and Sciences in Crete.

Contact the Office of Admission for more information at admission@doane.edu or 402.826.2161.


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