Governor Ricketts Gives Legislative Update at Doane

Pete Ricketts

For the first time in recent years, the Governor of Nebraska came to Doane University's Crete Campus.

Governor Pete Ricketts gave a Legislative Update Wednesday afternoon at Doane's Perry Campus Center. Hosted by the Crete Chamber of Commerce, the event was free and open to the public. Roughly 75 people were in attendance, including a handful of Doane students and faculty members. One Doane student did not want to miss the opportunity of being able to attend a public forum with the Governor.

"It's cool to see him on campus," said Austin Bruning, a freshman education major at Doane. "To have him that close to you and for him to be able to answer anything you have to say in a small atmosphere is neat."

Governor Ricketts discussed a variety of topics, including the decline of farm income money in Nebraska, a proposed decrease in state income tax, and his vision for long-term plans to be more competitive on the agriculture and family business side.

"We are facing some challenging times in this state," Ricketts said. "I am confident we can address budget issues to create long-term growth because we have the best place in the world to live."

Gov. Ricketts broke down the state's budget for the fiscal year, presenting that nearly 50 percent goes to education. The Governor was adamant he will not support any tax increases, citing that business owners are hesitant to come to Nebraska based on high tax rates. 

Ricketts fielded questions for 20 minutes, discussing topics including trade/export, the death penalty, wind/solar energy, and his support for Donald Trump. The Governor concluded his session by telling the young adults in the crowd to stay in Nebraska.

"We live in the best place in the world, because of Nebraskans," Ricketts said.



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