Fuhrer Field House Reno to Finish Early

Fuhrer Field House Reno to Finish Early

Construction activities to expand and renovate Fuhrer Field House on the Crete campus are ahead of schedule. The project that was originally planned to be completed in March 2014, will be ready for use by track athletes at the beginning of January 2014 and will be finished by the end of the month. The football locker rooms are ready for use now.

The renovated 43 year-old facility will have an expanded arena and track surface to accommodate the size of our nationally rated track teams and will permit simultaneous uses of the inside of the track.

“Before we had one long jump and it was on the track,” Head Track Coach Ed Fye said. “When someone was on the runway we had to wait. Now all runways are off the track and we will have double all the field events.”

No other school in Nebraska has two areas of for all field events, Fye said.

The Field House, which could no longer accommodate the number of athletic teams and students Doane has ( and will have), provides a regulation 200-meter oval indoor track. With the regulation track, Doane can once again host area, regional college, and high school track meets. Last year Doane hosted one indoor meet and will now host four meets, including the GPAC Championship meet.

“I don’t think we understood the impact of the Field House until last year in the spring when we didn’t have it (because it was under renovation),” Fye said. “Having an indoor facility in Nebraska is important.”

Four courts will also become available in the interior of the track for court sports and recreation. Other changes or additions include: reconfiguration of the competition arena; a wall video display unit in the arena area; retaining and renovating existing weight room in the facility; and utilizing durable, high-performance Mondo sports surface for the arena’s floors.

The locker rooms have been expanded and renovated, resulting in locker facilities that will easily accommodate the entire home football team and visiting teams.

“Our guys are automatically going to have a sense of pride with this locker room,” said Matt Franzen, head football coach. “The other was functional. This one is more of a show piece.”

The pro-style locker rooms are not the only renovation that will benefit the football team. The football team is one of many athletic teams that utilize the Field House for winter conditioning.

“It (Fuhrer Field House) had a very 1960’s-1970’s feel,” Franzen said. “It wasn’t something that jumped out at people. Now we’ll want to take recruits through there.”

Read more details on the renovation or view photos of the progress.

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