Forensics Team Wins Novice National Tournament

novice forensics championsThis past weekend, the Doane forensics team won first place at the Novice National Tournament in Hutchinson, Kan.

The six first-year forensics members competed against teams from across the country at Hutchinson Community College. The tournament was split up into three divisions based on the size of the school, and the Doane team took first place overall.

Assistant Coach Anne Golden said Doane hasn't participated in the tournament for several years, but that it was a good way to see what the first-year members are capable of.

 "The tournament is split into three rounds of competition," said Golden. "And then there's the semi-finals and the finals. So you have to do pretty well in the semi-finals to make it."

The forensic season spans from late September to early April, with students required to attend at least eight regular season tournaments. The entire forensics team is competing April 1-4 at the American Forensics Association National Individual Events Tournament at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

Doane's first-year competitors are:

Erik Buser (first-year student, Crete)

Kyle Carroll (sophomore, Geneva)

Bekah Ehly (first-year student, Omaha)

Jordan Johnson (first-year student, Grant)

Tyler Mohs (first-year student, Sidney)

Lindsey Oelling (first-year student, Roca) 


The awards for events were as follows:  

Pentathlon (Individual Sweepstakes)

Bekah Ehly - 2nd

Jordan Johnson - 6th  


Dramatic Duo

Bekah Ehly & Erik Buser - 1st        

Bekah Ehly & Lindsey Oelling - 5th   



Lindsey Oelling - 2nd

Bekah Ehly - 4th

Jordan Johnson - 6th  


Bekah Ehly - 6th  


Bekah Ehly - 2nd  


Jordan Johnson - 2nd  


Jordan Johnson - 4th

Kyle Carroll - Semi-finalist  


Impromptu Sales

Kyle Carroll - 2nd

Tyler Mohs - 3rd

Jordan Johnson - Semi-finalist   


Program of Oral Interpretation

Lindsey Oelling - 2nd

Erik Buser - 5th  


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