Featured Grad: Taylor Hayes ’17

Taylor Hayes ’17

Major: Political Science and Law, Politics and Society

Hometown: Grand Island, NE

Activities Involved in at Doane: Soccer, Tennis, Student Programming Board, Hansen Leadership Advisory Board, Pre-Law club, Tutor

Plans after graduation: Law school at University of Nebraska-Lincoln

What was your most memorable experience at Doane?

Last April I had the opportunity to present at a political science conference in Chicago with professor Dr. Wendy Hind who I worked on a paper with, on jury demographics in New York State. The paper is set to be published in the Howard University Law Journal but hasn’t come out yet.

That experience may be somewhat typical for a graduate student but seems unique for an undergrad to have that opportunity. Is that fair to say?

Yes, I was very lucky to have that opportunity. We did a paper presentation and the vast majority of the students that were helping professors with the doctorate were graduate students.

What was the most beneficial class you took during your time at Doane?

My favorite class was Political Thought taught by Dr. Monaghan, a philosophy class. The philosophy classes were very useful because it’s a very different way of thinking. There is a lot of writing involved in law and you have to be able to get your point across clearly. Being able to formulate those arguments, to be able to write clearly, and get the point across clearly on one topic is something that I will probably use for a long time.  

Being a two-sport athlete, how were you able to juggle your time accordingly between athletics and schoolwork?

It was kind of like high school in the sense that you go from in-season of one sport to in-season of the next. I enjoyed it and I never got burned out on one sport. It was really fun. I don’t think there are a whole lot of other institutions where you can play soccer and tennis. I was fortunate to have coaches that were willing to let me miss the offseason but allowed me to put in the work and earn my spot when the time came.

What do you hope to do with a law degree?

I’m not entirely sure right now but I wouldn’t rule out something in public policy or policy advising.

Who or what will you miss most about Doane?

I’ll miss the comfort of knowing everyone’s name. My sister was here for four years and graduated a couple years ago so I knew a little about campus even before I got here. I’ll miss the familiarity and the comfort feeling.

How did your time at Doane shape you into the person you are today?

It was definitely a different experience from going to high school in Grand Island. At Grand Island Central Catholic, my graduating class was 29. My graduating class here is around 250 kids so it was just a different experience. What you’re exposed to -- the different thoughts, people, and at an institution like Doane where you can take so many different classes, it was something that has been very beneficial for me.

What would your advice be to incoming freshmen?

I would tell them to take the liberal arts classes seriously because they are the classes you might enjoy the most and could spark an interest in you. You could potentially have a career in some of the classes you’re required to take because you were introduced to them here.