Featured Grad: Morgan Hill ’17

Major: Biology

Hometown: Crete, NE

Activities Involved in at Doane: Basketball, Treasurer of SALT (Student Athlete Leadership Team), Relay For Life, Health and Medical Occupations Club

Plans after graduation: UNMC in pursuit of a Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree

Your roots at Doane go way back as you lived in Sheldon as an infant when your mom was working on campus as a resident director. Is it kind of crazy to think 21 years later you’re ending your college career at the same place you first lived?

It shows how Doane is home. You make connections with this place and the people here and that was seen through my mom as we grew up and now it’s seen through my brother and myself.

What are some memories that stick out from your childhood living on campus?

My mom was the RD of Smith when it was still an all boys dorm so we always joked about having 200+ brothers. We had good relationships with a lot of them, I remember attending almost all of Doane’s sporting events during those years.

What about as a college student? What was your most memorable experience at Doane?

Probably just being on the basketball team in general. If I had to pinpoint a specific memory it would have to be upsetting Concordia my junior year or upsetting Morningside my senior year in the quarterfinals.

What was the most beneficial class you took during your four years at Doane and why?

Either anatomy or my senior research class. Both have prepared me well for graduate school and the rigorous courses I will be taking in the fall.

Who was your favorite professor on campus?

Heather Lambert or Melissa Clouse. I didn’t have either of them for many classes but the classes I did have them in they made the learning not only interesting but also fun. The both of them genuinely care for each student and build relationships with all of us, just like almost all of the professors at Doane do.

What skills or life lessons did you learn as a member of the women’s basketball team that you will take with you for the rest of your life?

So many. The more important ones were leadership, communication, and working with different types of people. All of these skills are necessary to be successful in the workforce, especially in the area I’m going in to. Being a student-athlete in general helps you prepare for your future.

Who or what will you miss most about Doane?

I will miss the small town feeling of Doane. I loved how it was big yet small enough to know the majority of people on campus and build closer relationships that way. I also know that these relationships will still continue on even though we may not be attending Doane anymore.

What would your advice be to students in the incoming freshman class in the fall?

Take advantage of your time here. Spend as much time with the friends you meet and the opportunities the campus offers. The time will go fast and they will be the best four years of your life!

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