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Featured Grad: Marisa Foster ’19

Featured Grad: Marisa Foster ’19

Marisa Foster ’19

Major: Biology, Spanish minor


Hometown: Stockville, NE


Activities and/or athletics involved in at Doane: SUCCESS Program, DIVAS Program, Cru, Women's Bible Study


Plans after graduation: I am in the process of seeking out temporary public health related jobs while I await the news about the Fulbright. If I receive the Fulbright, I will leave for Zambia in August, if not, I will begin to apply for either Masters in Public Health programs or Graduate School in hopes of getting a PhD in infectious disease epidemiology.


What was your most memorable experience at Doane?


My memories are numerous! Perhaps my most memorable experience is gaining wonderful lifelong friends and building relationships with the incredible faculty that continue to support me even after graduation.


What was the most beneficial class you took during your time at Doane and why?


The most beneficial class I have taken at Doane is intro to immunology with Dr. Bowder. I was very eager to take this class because I am very interested in diseases, especially diseases caused by viruses. Therefore, this class was very beneficial to me, not only in the ability to grow in knowledge, but it pushed me as a student and as a scientist.


Who was your favorite professor on campus?


Dr. Dane Bowder.


How do you hope to utilize your degree after graduation?


I hope to combine my love for science with working with people, specifically children in a public health setting. I am very intrigued by infectious diseases and I would love to work for an organization such as the CDC or WHO in educating, researching, and preventing the spread of these diseases.


How were you able to balance the workload of being a full-time student along with your work and activities?


I work at Crete Intermediate School at their after school program, which to me is an incredibly fun and exciting job! Although I worked every day during the weekdays, it was a very consistent schedule, which was easy to plan accordingly for classes and time for homework. It is so fun to work alongside and teach children about diverse topics. Therefore, it was never boring and I looked forward to going every single day.


Who or what will you miss most about Doane?


I will miss the Biology and Spanish departments the most, alongside all of my very close and incredible friends.


How did your time at Doane shape you into the person you are today?


Not only have I grown in knowledge, I have recognized all of the skills that I have gained from having the opportunity to build close relationships with faculty and students. I have been challenged as a scientist and as a person, but I have recognized that Doane has strengthened my character significantly. I have grown in compassion, responsibility, patience, critical thinking, and so much more. I truly will never be able to repay what Doane has given me.


What would your advice be to students in the incoming freshman class in the fall?


Build relationships will all of your professors because they genuinely care about all aspects of you! Truly cherish every single moment because time passes so quickly. Spend time acknowledging and reflecting about everything you get out of Doane and cherish it because Doane is truly amazing.


What are your goals regarding the Fulbright program?


If I receive the Fulbright, I will be placed in Lusaka, Zambia where I would work with an organization called Power of Love. I would be performing my own research project in which I would be collecting and managing data involving their HIV patients in order to evaluate the efficacy of their comprehensive community-based program in treating these patients. This experience would equip me with many skills that I need in pursuing my future career in public health.