Featured Grad: Dalton Bichlmeier ’17

Major: Biology

Hometown: Norfolk, NE

Activities Involved in at Doane: Greek Council, Track & Field, Delta Kappa Pi, Bio Chemistry Club, Student Ambassador, Tutor, Study Help Desk, 4 different Honors Societies

Plans after graduation: Hope to work in a lab for a couple years then return to school to obtain a Ph.D. in microbiology, comparative anatomy, or evolutionary biology.

What was your most memorable experience at Doane?

My sophomore year I lived in a themed community with different Greek students and started to get really involved on campus and got to know the professors. I just remember throughout that year Doane really started to feel like home and I just loved every second of being here.

What was the most beneficial class you took during your time at Doane?

Molecular Biology. Through that class I got to know Erin Doyle very well, who ended up being my research advisor and I have a great relationship with her. I also started to understand the big parts of biology and it really prepared me for the upper level biology classes I ended up taking.

How were you able to balance the workload of being a student, taking some challenging courses, in addition to being an athlete?

The support system of all the professors, coaches, administration, and staff here was incredible. I took on three minors and a number of different activities and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the professors and coaches helping me through it. My throws coach, Coach Dunnigan, always went above and beyond to help me through whatever I wanted to accomplish, whether that be athletically, academically, professionally, or personally. He was able to help me accomplish all of those goals.

Who or what will you miss most about Doane?

Definitely the people. Everyday when you come and put on the orange and black, you can just see a whole family of people, know matter if they’re in theatre and you’re on the track team, or if you’re in choir and they’re on the football team, someone, somewhere you’re going to have a connection with them. Everyone is connected at Doane and that’s definitely what I’m going to miss most.

How did your time at Doane shape you into the person you are today?

It humbled me, no doubt. I graduated from a pretty small class and thought I was pretty good at everything but then I came here and that was everyone. Everyone was already great and had bigger goals and ambitions than I did at the time; it was a humbling experience. Also the support system I got here, everyone wanted you to achieve all of your goals. I think if I would’ve gone to a bigger school I wouldn’t have been able to have the opportunities I did. I realized I could do anything I put my mind to.

What would be your advice to incoming freshmen?

Get to know your professors. They’re individuals who you’re going to be very close with, they’ll be your mentors. Those are the people who will be writing your letters of recommendation. As someone who wants to be a professor someday, I want to do it for the students; I don’t want to teach for myself.