Dredla Speaker Series continues with GWU's Braman

Dredla Speaker Series continues with GWU's Braman

Dr. Donald Braman, anthropologist and law professor at George Washington University, will be at the School of Arts and Sciences in Crete on Nov. 14 to share his current research on policing.

The lecture will focus on his 2004 book "Doing Time on the Outside," that examines how the families of criminal offenders in Washington D.C. are affected by criminal justice policies. It is a primary finding of Dr. Braman’s that a general consensus occurs saying offenders should be held accountable for their actions. Their accountability is dependent on whether or not they can overcome a multitude of economic and legal obstacles. He also proposes that the family of offenders, especially their children, receive the most punishment from the criminal justice system.

Braman received his docotorate in Anthropology and his juris doctorate from Yale University.

His lecture will be at 11 a.m. Nov. 14 in the CM 02 room in the Communications Building.

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