DOANEFEST Celebration Set for Nov. 21

Something big is coming.

(Not Thanksgiving.)

(Or finals.)

(Or a blizzard - as far as we know.)

It's a new addition to November - the very first DOANEFEST.

A day to celebrate the fact that Doane College has been here 136 years and there's no one else quite like us.

DOANEFEST officially takes place Friday, Nov. 21, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Perry Hall.

But the fun starts on the Doane campuses Monday, as activities and challenges building up to the fest get underway.

Giving away too many details would spoil the fun, but here are a few hints:

You've never seen so much orange food.

Hunting season will extend to Tigers, tattoos, signatures, frisbees and more.

New poets may be discovered.

And door prizes and free T-shirts are a given.

So brush up on your Doane history facts.

Get ready to celebrate.

Be ready for a few surprises.

O.K., just one more hint:

There will be swans.


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