Doane to Host Hispanic Heritage Month Events

The poet will speak.

The musician will play.

The artist will paint.

echopoeticoThis September, Doane will celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month with Artists in Residence and major productions.   

Hispanic Heritage Month honors the Hispanic American heritage and its influence and celebrates the anniversary of independence for five Latin American countries. Mexico and Chile also celebrate their independence days in September.

Anti-oppression artist Ben Jones, poet Dominique Garay and musician Oscar Rios will spend Sept. 6-8 working with students at Crete Elementary in an after-school workshop, as well as with the high school PRIZM Club. The high-school students will learn a cultural dance during the workshop.

Starting on the 12th, the three will then work with Doane students and visit multiple classes, including LAR and Spanish classes.

Wilma Jackson, Doane's director of Multicultural Support Services, was instrumental in bringing the group to campus.

"It's a wonderful cultural opportunity to bring the community and campus together," Jackson said.

On Sept. 15, all three groups of students will come together during a performance by Jones, Garay and Rios. Called Echopoetico, they fuse traditional South American music with performance poetry and live art. They will perform at 6 p.m. in Heckman Auditorium. The event is free and open to the public.

Garay and Rios will soon be releasing their first children's book, "Pedrito el Pollito!" "Pedrito the little Chick!" which is in both English and Spanish. They are also working with 3rd graders on a play based on their book.

For more information, contact Wilma Jackson, director of Multicultural Support Services, at 402.826.8620.



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