Doane Summer Workstudies' Top 3 Apps

Doane Summer Workstudies' Top 3 Apps

Students are glued to technology (including me). One of the first things we do as we leave class is check out our calls, texts and apps.  During the summer, we are no less attached.

So in an unofficial poll (10 other students on campus working this summer), here are our favorite apps to use:

Summer Workstudies’ Top three Apps

1. Snapchat

More than 60 million photos or messages are sent a day with Snapchat. This is the only app on the list I personally use and it’s a fun way to share pieces of my day with friends. Other students agree. “Snapchat allows me to communicate with my friends in a goofy and quick way,” Alyssa Bouc ’15 said. “It really can show that a picture is worth a thousand words.”

2. Vine

This app allows you to share life in motion. You can create short, looping videos in a simple and fun way for your friends and family to see. Even though this isn’t an app I use, after watching the creative videos my friends have posted on social media, I can see why this is a popular app. Cali Neuberger ’13 was one of the students who loved this app, although she says she, like me, doesn’t make vines, just likes to watch them.

3. 8tracks

This is internet radio created by people who know and love music. You can listen to any one of more than 800,000 digital mixtapes for any mood or occasion, from every genre and country. While I hadn’t heard of this app before, Bekah Ehly ’13 said it’s great to use when she works out. “I use it when I get my swole (look up in urban dictionary) on at the gym,” she said. “It’s my jam.”

With the endless things technology allows us to do, it’s no wonder apps are a big part of my life as well as other students, whether we are sharing memories or sweating at the gym.

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