Doane Student Projects Featured in Mind Expo

Nebraska land management, physical therapy treatments, Web site applications and art exhibitions were among the widely varied student projects featured at the seventh annual Doane College spring MindExpo.  The event took place April 26 at the Lied Science and Mathematics Building on the Doane campus.

MindExpo celebrates students' creative work.  The college-wide event is open to all undergraduate students and showcases artistic performance, research and other original scholarly works completed in the current academic year.  Students entered projects in art, computers, education, mathematics and natural science, humanities, and social science.

Doane participants and their projects included:

Art Exhibitions:

Ashley Spitsnogle, junior, Odell, Monoprints

Mary Springer, senior, Crete, Texture and Monoprints

Tim Smith, junior, Lincoln
Amy Sherwood, senior, Mitchell
Laura Geiseking
Liz Higgins, junior, Lincoln
Benton Alexander, senior, Hastings
Neil Wolfe, senior, Kearney
Lindsy Mercer, junior, Gothenburg
Aimee D'Avignon, junior, Tooele, Utah
Shawna Clement, senior, Malcolm
Maggie Sheehy, senior, Hastings
Eli Page-Goertz, junior, Overland Park, Kan.
Africa Semester 2006 Exhibition

Oral Presentations:

Callie Brown, senior, North Platte
M. Amber Matzke, junior, Blair
The Role of State Mandates in Multicultural Education

David DeRose, junior, Aurora, Colo., Nebraska and the Civil War:  The Story of the First Nebraska Infantry

Brittany Kozisek, senior, Crete, Math Anxiety

Heather Poysa, senior, Lincoln, Pythagoras

William Anderson, senior, Omaha
Allen Gilbert, senior, Crete
Bret Hays, senior, Alma
Erica Heiden, senior, Bertrand
Heather Hoffart, senior, Osmond
Chelsi Klentz, senior, Grand Island
Jaclyn Liechti, senior, Bellevue
Kiley Mackie, senior, Scottsbluff
Caitlin Mohr, senior, Boise, Idaho
Eric Pointe, senior, Grand Island
Amy Sherwood, senior, Mitchell
Tessa Smolik, senior, Kearney
Alexis Swendener, senior, Mullen
Lisa Wild, senior, Papillion
Monica Williams, senior, Lincoln
Civic Education in America

Todd Finner, sophomore, Crete
Paula Blaylock, sophomore, Hayes Center
Marijuana:  The Impact of Thought and Memory

Krystal Johnson, junior, Ashland
Alicia Goswick, junior, Gering
Alcohol over the Ages

Cassandra Blakely, senior, Lincoln
The Victims of Victimless Crimes:  Repercussions of Methamphetamine Abuse on the Family of the Abuser

Dane Bowder, first-year, Lincoln
Chet Miller, first0year, Farmington, N.M.
MADD and Drunk Driving Research

Allen Gilbert, senior, Crete
Process Scheduling Simulator

Todd Ehrke, senior, Stamford
Michael Town Estates Web Site

Todd Finner, sophomore, Crete
Jordan Petersen, sophomore, Auburn
DRS -- Continued work on a program to simulate an environment for Lego Mindstorms robots  

Melissa Hegeholz, senior, Staplehurst
Rise and Fall of the Wall

Christina Bishop, senior, Ogallala
Bryce Simpson, junior, Fairbury
Alexis Swendener, senior, Mullen
Heather Hoffart, senior, Osmond
Erik Clarke, sophomore, Lincoln
Kari Shanahan, sophomore, North Bend
Chelsi Klentz, senior, Grand Island
Matt Workman, senior, Funk
Lisa Wild, senior, Papillion
Tracy Agena, senior, Sterling
Mike Chadwick, senior, Omaha
Assessing Campus Climate:  Key Issues

Andrea Johnson, sophomore, Crete
Laura Foord, first-year, Golden, Colo.
The Rewarding Effects of Nicotine in Rats

Brienna Barelmann, first-year, Chambers
Nicole Hoffman, sophomore, Mullen
Drug Abuse:  Comparing Two Perspectives

Caitlin Mohr, senior, Boise, Idaho, Assessing the Type, Frequency and Antibiotic Resistance of Bacterial Growth Located on Indwelling Urinary Catheters

Kristen Donovan, junior, Gering, Investigations of the Host-pathogen Interactions between HeLa Cells and Pseudomonas Strains PAO1 and JP2

Ellie Windle, senior, Nebraska City, Temporal Hormone Fluctuation During the Menstrual Cycle and the Corresponding Effect on Athletic Performance as Measured by Maximal Ventialtory Oxygen Consumption (Mvo2) in Elite College Athletes

Anita Stokes, senior, Petersburg, Inheritance of Human Iris Characteristics

Aspen Workman, senior, Holdrege
Scott Madden, senior, Nebraska City
Role of N-Cadherin Promoter Fragments in Regulation of Human N-Cadherin Gene Expression

Amanda Duensing, senior, Fairbury
Effects of Caffeine on Short Term Physical Performance Test

Jenna Fenton, senior, Crete
The Effects of a Five-Day Caffeine Withdrawal on Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, and the Onset of Headaches

Allen Gilbert, senior, Crete
Geometric Transformations

Katherine Talbott, sophomore, Olathe, Kan.
Sarah Hall, junior, Ogallala
The Effects of Nicotine as Compared to Illicit Drugs

Meagan Bauer, senior, Gering
Bailey Heafer, sophomore, Lincoln
Methamphetamine in Congress. This project examines how state government deals with the methamphetamine crisis. 

Eric Rodene, sophomore, Stromsburg
Taylor Foy, junior, Ogallala
Drug Abuse in Prisons

Doane Cheerleaders
Don't Say It!  Cheer It!

Poster Presentations

Clint Poppe, senior, Lincoln, The Effects of Static and Hold-Relax Stretching on Hamstring Flexibility

Derek Rold, senior, Crete, The Effect of Land Management on Deer-Vehicle Collisions

Samuel Cole, senior, Brule, HLP Tracking System

Megan Kuchta, senior, North Platte, Inheritance of Selected Characteristics of the Human Iris

Fred Brewer, senior, Aberdeen, Miss., IST Alumni Tracking System

Kylee Kemper, senior, Crete, The Relationship Between Location and Predator Alertness Among Black-Tailed Prairie Dogs

Ashley Howard, senior, Falls City, Effects of Taping and Bracing the Ankle Joint

Andrew Mellor, junior, Denton
Austin Hurt, sophomore, Columbus
Solving the One-dimensional Schrodinger Equation Using a Numerical Algorithm in Maple programming language. 

Chris Bombardier, senior, Aurora, Colo., Influence of Factor IX:C and Factor IX;Ag on Overall Plasma Coagulability and Fibrinolytic Potential as Measured by Global Assay:  Monitoring in Hemophilia B

Matt Kuhn, senior, Crete, Coal-Fired Power Plants Impact on Water pH of Upwind and Downwind on Lakes and Streams

Neil Wolfe, senior, Kearney, The Use of Bioremediation to Remove Caffeine from Aquatic Systems

Jamie Lytle, senior, Beatrice, Associative Learning to Test for Color Vision in Channel Catfish (Ictalurus Punctatus)

Dani Nott, senior, Dannebrog, The Possible Inhibitory Effects of Ergocalciferol and Tocopherol on Tumerigenic Growth of Cultured Human Retinoblastoma Y79 Cells

Dane Edwards, senior, Grand Island, The Amount of Airborne Particulate Matter (PM10) in Crete, Nebraska

Matthew Walbrecht, senior, York, Analysis of the Migration of Selected Reports throughout Hitchcock Nature Center

Julie Saathoff, senior, Sterling, Association between Menstrual Cycle, Knee Laxity and Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tears

Jack Smith, senior, Anselmo, Environmental Effects of Synthetic Hormones

Amy Sherwood, senior, Mitchell, The Effects of Surrounding Urbanization and Agriculture on Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Communities

Kassie Goforth, senior, North Platte, Skin Mucus from Ictalurus punctatus Tested for Antimicrobial Properties

Josh Marron, senior, Grand Island, Surveillance of West Nile Virus in Mosquitoes Trapped on the Doane College Crete Campus

Rick Bazata, sophomore, Elm Creek, The Design and Construction of an Equatorial Mount for an 18" Newtonian Reflector Telescope

Todd Kraus, senior, Bayard, An Investigation of Suspended Particulate Matter on the Doane College Campus

Cassandra Jimenez, senior, Bayard, Stress on the Elbow Joint in Overhead Throwing Athletes

Jaimee Schumacher, sophomore, Hemingford, Personality Correlates of Perfectionism

Melissa Hegeholz, senior, Stapehurst, The Layman's Approach to Antibiotic Resistance

Charlotte Phelps, senior, Glendale, Ariz., Land Management Practices and Their Effect of Bird Populations at Spring Creek

Andrew Brabec, senior, Schulyer, Earth History Web Application and Animation

Tricia Pons, senior, Erie, Ill., Microanatomy of the Rat Parotid Gland

Will Moman, senior, Lincoln, Genetic Algorithm:  The Physics Simulator

Matt Hollman, senior, Crete, Evaluation of Water Quality in a Nebraska State Lake and a Doane Pond

Courtney Woodman, junior, Kenesaw, Development of a Bathymetric Map of Wild Plum Lake

Heather Yancy, senior, Gothenburg, Preventative Programs Pro-actively Prevents Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries in Female Athletes

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