Doane Student one of 10 in nation awarded REU

Doane Student one of 10 in nation awarded REU

Sophomore Lindsay Wilson is set to spend 10 weeks out of her summer studying asian carp embryos through the Southern Illinois University’s Research Experience for Undergraduates program (REU).

The program will involve 10 weeks of field research near the Southern Illinois University campus. Wilson will work alongside Dr. Brian Small and will be awarded a $5000 stipend for her work. Wilson is one of only ten students in the nation to receive this opportunity this summer.

“I’ll be studying the salinity levels of the area and how it affects the embryos,” Wilson said. “The fish are really invasive to the area and they’re causing some problems with the native species. We’re studying them to see what conditions they grow best in and how we can lessen the problems.”

Wilson’s adviser, Professor of Environment Science Russ Souchek, recommended she apply for the program. The application process, which she began in February, involved two essays and two recommendations.

Wilson said she was interested in field work; specifically with marine life. She is a double major in Environmental Science and Biology.

“I’m really excited to get some field experience,” she said. “I want to do field biology so I want to see if this is something I’m actually interested in doing. I really like spending time outdoors and getting dirty so this is a good excuse to do that.”

Wilson said she hoped her future studies gave her more opportunities to travel.

“I honestly see myself doing research in other countries,” Wilson said. “I don’t want to stay here forever. I want to try different things and study different things.”

Wilson will begin her 10-week research on May 28 and complete the program on August 5.

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