Doane Student Media Takes Home 40 Awards at NCMA Golden Leaf Ceremony

Doane Student Media Takes Home 40 Awards at NCMA Golden Leaf Ceremony

Out of all the firsts at Doane, one in particular is known for its tradition and wisdom: the Doane Owl. Each year, the Owl and other student media are recognized at the Nebraska College Media Association’s Golden Leaf awards ceremony.

The Doane Owl is Nebraska’s Oldest College Newspaper. It began on March 6, 1874 and is currently in its 147th volume.

The original editors were Anna “Annie” Hahn (1881), John Nelson Davidson (1880), and Arley B. Show (1882). All of whom went on to gain reputations in literature. The financial affairs of the first issues were managed by J. J. Bonekemper who later became the mayor of Sutton.

The 1896 issue of the Doane Owl Annual featured a creative history of the newspaper in relation to the life of an owl.

“If age has any demands on veneration the Doane Owl should be one of the most venerated of Doane’s institutions” it said. If the statement was true after only 22 years of publishing, it rings more than true today.

The Owl went through many changes in its early career, including changes to design and content. Each publication in the early years included a portrait of an owl on the front page.

The newspaper also attempted to find a motto to appropriately signify its purpose and direction. It began with “Mens Agitat Molem” which, from Latin, translates to “Mind Over Matter.”

“After trying mottoes in Latin, French, German and English he concluded that life was too real to spend in trying to find some sentiment which would be expressive of his endeavors,” the Annual said.

Regardless, the Owl has maintained purpose and quality for 147 volumes.

“The Owl has had a glorious career. It has numbered among its editors some of Doane’s brightest and best. Although now 22 years old, it still grows, and we trust that it may not cease to increase in wisdom and usefulness as long as there is a need for an exponent of student life at Doane,” the Annual said.

Today, the Owl is published every Thursday and maintains content alongside an online version,

This year’s Nebraska College Media Association Golden Leaf awards include:

Doaneline- first place student news website of the year

Doaneline- first place blogging

Doaneline- first place video journalism

Doane Owl- second place newspaper of the year

DCTV- second place television station of the year

Jay Grote- first place public affairs

Jay Grote- first place transitional elements

Callie Cox- first place general news

Callie Cox- first place sports reporting

Nate Knobel- first place news photograph

Jason Luong- first place photo illustration

In total, Doane Student Media won 40 awards at the ceremony. The Doane Owl and DCTV each won 12 awards, Doaneline won 10 awards, and KDNE radio won six awards.

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