Doane research program creates opportunities beyond the classroom

Doane students collaborate on biology research.
Doane’s Summer Undergraduate Research Program provides students with the opportunity to begin creating and pursuing their own research agenda. Students work with a faculty mentor on a project that increases research skills and enhances intellectual exploration. Last year, 28 students, 16 faculty, and one Post-Doc Fellow participated in the program. 
“The program provides students with a valuable hands-on experience that they may not otherwise get in the classroom,” said Jennifer Bossard, Interim dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, and associate professor of Economics.
“Students can propose their own idea for a project or work on a faculty member’s research project,” Bossard continued. “They learn about the research process and are able to apply their critical thinking and problem-solving skills,” said Bossard.
Funding comes from Doane, an example of the commitment to its mission to create an exceptional liberal arts education in a creative, inclusive and collaborative community. Students in the program present their research findings at Doane’s MindExpo, held each spring on campus. Many also present at other conferences in their field of study, expanding their networks and communications confidence.
“In the College of Arts and Sciences, we encourage students and faculty from all disciplines to engage in scholarly work in their field. Last summer we funded projects in Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Information Science & Technology, Physics & Engineering, Psychology, Sociology, Modern Languages, and Political Science,” Bossard explained.   Last year’s topics included, “Latinos in Nebraska: Oral Histories from the Heartland,” “The German Press in the Early Trump Era,” and “Developing a Mobile App to Use Computer Vision to Scan, Recognize, and Upload Printed SuDoKu Puzzles.”

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